How To Renew Identity Card In Costa Rica

How To Renew Identity Card In Costa Rica

  • To renew your identity card, visit the Consulate in your area and fill in your application.
  • Complete your application and include all required documents.
  • When you’ve completed the forms and submit your application, it is submitted directly to the Civil Registry of Costa Rica to be processed.

Documents Required Renew Identity Card

  • The identity card is expired
  • A photocopy of the identity card on both sides
  • A copy of the birth certificate
  • Two passport-sized photographs of the same background light blue, without identifying the photographer but not of the negative

If your identity document expired in 1995 or an earlier time it is also required to show the following documents:

  • Two witness of Costa Rican nationality
  • Witnesses must have valid identification cards.
  • A copy of the identity card for both witnesses
  • Affidavits of witnesses, which is to be signed prior to the Consul.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Avenida 7-9, Street 11-13, San Jose, Costa Rica Map

Contact number: (506) 2539-5300

PO Box 10027-1000


Officials of the Ministry of Ministry

How To Renew Identity Card In Costa Rica
How To Renew Identity Card In Costa Rica

Officials Abroad

What Are All The Eligibility

Each Costa Rican citizen over 18 must have a valid identification card.

Processing Time

  • The process at the Consulate could last for about one hour. It is possible that the Identity card could take up to 3 months to be returned to the Consulate in your country of residence within the United States.
  • The presentation of an ID card or identity document to the person who is concerned in accordance with the provisions of Article 92 of the Organic Law of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal and Civil Registry must be delivered in person, and therefore is not available to a third-party.

Need to have the Document

The following steps will help you to renew your identity.

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