How To Renew Passport In Cameroon

How To Renew Passport In Cameroon

If you’re outside Cameroon:

  • For a passport renewal,, get contact the closest Embassy in Cameroon and set up an appointment. Passport applications must be made in person, by the applicant himself; in the case of applicants who are under age parents or a legal guardian should be present with the applicant in the Embassy. Notes:
    • Every passport applicant has to make appointments with the Consular Section himself/herself. If you are a minor applicants, parents or legal guardian has to call to the Consular Section to schedule an appointment for their child.
    • For families, one person has to call Consular Section Consular Section to set up the appointment for the entire family. In doing this, you will be necessary to provide the number as well as the names of everyone who is who will be attending the appointment, regardless of whether they’re submitting the passport application or not. For instance the case where a person who is under age is with his father, who is not going to be making a passport application when calling Consular Section to make an appointment, the father must provide both names. Consular Section to schedule an appointment the father needs to supply both his and the child’s names. (his as well as the child’s) this is required to ensure access is given to the father as well as the child.
    • It is important to note that access and service will only be given to the people who are registered at the time of making the appointment. That means that failing to enter one’s name into the system at the time of scheduling an appointment could result in the denial of access or service.
  • On the day you have scheduled your appointment and at the scheduled time, go to the Consular Section of the Embassy to present all documents required (see the list below).
  • Pay the renewal cost.
  • You will be informed by the Embassy when your passport is ready to be picked up.

Documents Required Renew Passport

  • The applicants must bring their original Ordinary Passport (if there is one available) regardless of whether it’s expiring or is current at the time of their appointment. Applicants who have been issued the BP (Biometric Passport) or MRP (Machine Readable Passport) that is less than SIX months validity have to provide it. The original normal passport, or BP and MRP are returned once the all the necessary information is gathered to be able to submit the passport application.
  • 2 (02) completed application for passport forms completed by the applicant himself and for those applying who are applying at the Embassy of Cameroon in Washington Forms must be downloaded on the Embassy website and filled in precisely prior to arriving to the appointment you have scheduled at the Embassy It is important to note that it is not possible to get the application forms to fill in immediately after you arrive at the Embassy for an appointment.
  • Originals of documents proving the status of residency for applicants
  • Four (04) passport-sized photos with a white backgrounds. Photographs must be captured prior to arriving to the Embassy If the application is not submitted with photos will be considered insufficient and will be systematically rejected.
  • The original Cameroonian Birth Certificate(1) that will be returned to the person who applied for it.
  • It is the ORIGINAL Cameroonian National Identity Card If available. (Certified authentic duplicates of either this National Identity Card or birth certificate will be issued by the Embassy on the presentation of original documents, and will be given back on the spot to the holders.)
  • A photocopy of the applicant’s driver’s permit or state I.D. If it is available
  • Prove that you are a professional A valid diploma, the original of work I.D. (if there is one available) and/or student I.D. and a certificate issued by the employer or school confirming that the applicant for passport is currently employed or the student is currently enrolledin school;
  • If the applicant’s old passport or MRP was stolen or lost, details regarding the lost document’s references Date and the Place of Issue, photocopies of the entire document, if applicable, and a police report on the loss or report number to be confirmed must be submitted.
  • Passport applications for minors Minors must submit the following requirements must be met in addition to the other conditions:
    • The forms for application must be completed by a parent or a legal guardian . The type of relationship that exists between the young applicant and the person signing it must be stated in brackets (Example father or mother or legal guardian) If the child is in the care of a legally-authorized guardian, the originals of any documents granting guardianship have to be submitted.
    • A support letter or parental authorization that is signed by the legal guardians or parents of both asking the Cameroonian passport should be renewed established to advantage of the child. the support letter or parental authorization must be legalized at the time of the EMBASSY and is signed by the parent(s) or guardian(s) who are accompanying the child at the time of application.
    • If either one or the parents are Cameroonians present their original passport(s) along with evidence of residency status
    • A verified true duplicate of the parent’s or legal guardianship Cameroonian passport , or National Identity Card must be provided to the Embassy upon the presentation of the original and will be added to the child’s record as evidence of identity for the person who signed that parental consent.
    • If the parent or guardian is not Cameroonian Provide a copies of passport pages with photos and details about validity.
    • For children who came to America United States with photos attached to passports of their parents When applying for their own passports, the original passport or at a minimum an exact copy of their passport that has their photo should accompany the passport application.
    • For children born abroad with at minimum 1 Cameroonian parents, the transcript of the birth Certificate must be obtained prior to submitting the passport application with the Embassy.
  • Married women Other requirements married women have to meet include the following:
    • If a wedding was held by a Cameroonian official in Cameroon or through Cameroonian authorities overseas the certified duplicate of the certificate for marriage made at the Embassy of Cameroon upon presentation of the original marriage certificate must be placed into the dossier.
    • Cameroonian women who have been married outside of Cameroon must bring the original marriage certificate they received in the Embassy.
    • Women who were married in one marriage and later were remarried, need to demonstrate that the prior union was dissolved by supplying a copy the divorce decree of the marriage prior to it, or evidence that the former spouse died, or both, depending on the circumstances.

Passport photo requirements and alternative to the birth certificate that is original

Office Locations and Contacts

Embassy of the Republic of Cameroon – Washington3400 International Drive, NW
Washington, DC 20008
Telephone: (202) 265-8790
Fax: (202) 387-3826

Cameroonian Embassies & Consulates Abroad

Other uses for the Document/Certificate

  • It is used to prove citizenship
  • Useful for international travel
  • For identification purposes.

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