How To Renew Passport In Canada

How To Renew Passport In Canada

If you’re located in Canada:

  • Fill out the passport renewal form. A link is included under “Documents to Use” section that you can click to fill out the application.
  • Take all the necessary documents and take a passport photo (see the list below).
  • Two references are required to be included in passport renewal applications as well as for new applications to get a passport. References should:
    • Have been with you for at least two years when it comes to passport applications, or for six months to process Certificates of Identity or refugee travel document applications;
    • Do not let them be your guarantee;
    • Not be a family member;
    • must be 18 years old or older.
    • You agree to use your name as well as contact details in connection with your application.
  • Submit your application:

  • If you’re applying by mail: Make sure you use a certified delivery or traceable service to speed up the time to deliver your application. It also helps to protect your documents. Note that for the address, see the “Office Contacts and Locations” section.
  • If you’re seeking to apply in person Locate an office for passports or a reception agency (Service Canada and Canada Post) closest to your location – Click here. When you apply in person, it is recommended to complete your application on your own. If this isn’t possible then it can be submitted in person by someone else , unless it’s an urgent or express request (you should apply in person for urgent or urgent service).
  • When you receive your passport passports that are renewed via mail, your document (and any original documents that you have submitted) will be sent back to you via mail and could be sent separated into two packages. If you made an application in person and you paid for a pickup service the date of pickup will be noted on the receipt. You may allow an individual to pick up your passport, provided they have an acceptable identification document and a written authorization from you to do this.

If you’re outside Cameroon:

Send an application at the closest Government of Canada passport issuing office located abroad.

Documents that are required Renew Passport

  • completed renewal form
  • your most recent passport

Two passport photos that are identical (the identity and contact details of the photographer, as well as the date that the photo were taken must be recorded on the reverse of one of the photographs – Specifications for the Photo

Office Locations and Contacts

Address for postal mail:Government of Canada
Passport Program
Gatineau, Quebec K1A 0G3

If you are using an express courier:
Government of Canada
Passport Program
22 de Varennes Street
Gatineau, Quebec J8T 8R1

What Are All The Eligibility

  • To renew your Canadian passport, your current passport must:
  • be valid or expired for not more than one year;
  • You share the identical name, sex, birth date and the place of birth you’d like to include on your passport
  • They were issued with a 5 year or 10-year expiration;
  • Not be damaged
  • There has never been a report of either stolen or lost;
  • You were issued a certificate when the holder was at least old. age.

Documents to Utilize

Adult Passport Application Simplified for qualified Canadians who are applying for Canada and from USA


Be aware of when you will require a passport: It is essential to be aware of the date you will travel. If you’re not going to be traveling in the next month , or then, you can apply for a passport renewal via mail or at any of Passport office, Service Canada or Canada Post reception agent locations. If you’re looking to renew your passport in of the next twenty-day period, it is best be able to make the application in person in one of Passport offices. A lot of locations also provide pickup, express or urgent services for an additional cost.

In the event that you have already a passport it will be canceled and should be included along with the application. A cancelled passport can’t be used to travel.

In the event that your travel documents contains an active visa: State in your application form that you would like the original passport to be returned to you. Also, state the fact that you still require the visa. If you do not have a valid visa, it could be damaged if the original travel document is uncanceled.

Other uses for the document/certificate

  • As a proof of citizenship
  • For international travel
  • It is used to identify people.

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