How to Renew Tea Parker Registration In Uganda

Renew Tea Parker Registration In Uganda By Online

  1. To renew your tea parker registration in Uganda you must submit a formal application to Uganda Tea Development Agency. Uganda Tea Development Agency.
  2. A request to renew tea parker registration must be submitted by writing to Uganda Tea Development Agency and must be accompanied by specified information, in the absence of details have been specified.
  3. Forms that are filled out completely should be completed with the necessary documents.
  4. The agency for development must make sure that the documents provided by the applicant is in compliance with acceptable manufacturing practices as well as the national standards of quality, food safety , and hygiene.
  5. The Agency must also make sure that prior to giving a renewal tea parker registration, the establishment adheres to the standard specifications for the production of tea.
  6. Prior to granting renewal to Tea parker registration The Board will verify that the tea manufacturing licenses are in place
    • is on conformity with the renewal forms prescribed, or in the absence of a renewal form, been approved, the minister is the one to decide the renewal form and conditions.
    • The applicant must have maintained the managerial capacity to operate a the tea manufacturing business to which registration is needed;
    • The applicant to renew has skilled staff and ability to manage to run the business of tea management agents .
  7. After your renewal application has been accepted, you will be notified to make payment of the necessary registration fees as well as payment information.
  8. The fee is payable once the board is reviewed and approved renewing the request.
  9. Make the payment to renew your registration . The amount of fees that must be paid can be located beneath”Fees” on this page “Fees” section on this page. The approval payment will also be delivered via email to the address you have provided.
  10. After the payment confirmation is confirmed, a copy of the renewal tea parker’s certificate is issued within 30 days of submitting the application along with all necessary documents.

Required Documents For Renew Tea Parker Registration

  • Directors National Identity Cards/ Passports ( Attach Copies) (PDF Documents that need to be uploaded)
  • Directors’ names of the Company
  • The National drug Authority(Food Hygiene Regulations) Health Department) (Valid Copy to be at the bottom).
  • Mark Registration for Trade Mark Registration

Office Locations and Contacts

Uganda Tea Development AgencyPlot 821, Rubaga Road
P . O . Box 6204, Kampala, Uganda.
Tel:+256 414 343 633
Tel:+256 414 343 634
Tel:+256 312 266 116 (For Administrative Matters and General Information) (For Marketing and Sales Questions).
Website:Uganda Tea Association

Uganda Tea Association
Equator Isle Building, Opposite Wavah Water Building,
1st Floor. Lugogo show Ground, Kampala, Uganda.
P.O. Box 4161, Kampala Uganda
Tel: +256 (414) – 576498
Tel: +256 772 627 290
Website:Uganda Tea Association.

Minister of Agriculture, Animal Industry, and Fisheries(MAAIF).
Berkely Lane, Entebbe
P. O. Box 102 Entebbe – Uganda
TEL:Fisheries Resources +256 (0)414 321 302
Tel: Animal Resources +256 (0)414 030 064
Crop Resources (256) (0)414 323 239
Site: Ministry of Agriculture


  • Any person or organization that holds an existing tea packer registration certificate.


  • Registration Ugshs. 100,000
  • The payment is only due after the registration is verified and accepted. Do not make for a payment until asked to apply it.


  • Registration is good for a duration which is one full year.

Processing Time

  • 30 days

The Information You Need

  • Applicant details.
  • Name of the person who is applying.
  • Email address.
  • Tax PIN number.
  • Mobile number.
  • Organization details.
  • Name of the Organization.
  • Email.
  • Mobile number.
  • Physical address.
  • Postal Address.
  • Number of TAX PIN.
  • National Identification Number/Certificate Of Incorporation.
  • Division.
  • The nature of business.
  • Services offered.

Need to have the Document

  • Registration renewal permits the person or institution to participate in the tea packaging company in Uganda.
  • A person cannot be tea packer or tea maker in Uganda without being licensed with UTD. Uganda tea development Agency (UTDA)

Information that could be helpful

  • The authority for registration issues a certificates of registration to applicants subject to the legal conditions as the authority decides.
  • Each registration certificate must indicate the place where the business described in the certificate is conducted.
  • The certificate will remain valid until the close of the calendar year, unless cancelled earlier.
  • There will be charges to pay for the issuance of a registration certificates . The fees will be in accordance with the license authority’s decide.
  • The total amount of fees charged will be based upon the volume of business generated by the dealer. It should not be burdensome for small-scale dealers. The total sum of all levies and charges to be paid shall not exceed ten percent of the value of the gate for the aquatic or agricultural product.

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