How to Renew your Driver License In Israel

Renew your Driver License In Israel By Online

  • You will receive temporary licenses on paper, along with a payment slip to be paid to every banking institution (including Postal Bank) Postal Bank) for your renewal of your license.
  • Make sure you pay the fee for renewal of your license. You can pay it using one of the following ways:
    • The web-based Government Payment Service – payment via credit card or bank transfer
    • Credit card through the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety the call centre’s touch-tone menu via phone at *5678 or 1-222-578
    • Credit card via a agent of the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety contact centre: *5678, or 1-222-5678
    • The Postal Bank
    • Any branch of any bank (credit debit cards also accept)
    • Numerous SuperPharm are equipped with an automatic cashier that accepts payment and temporary printing licence
  • Get your photo taken again at any photo station that is authorized. This service is completely free without charge.

The new photo is then sent directly to the License Bureau and the photo card license that shows your updated photo is sent directly to the address you registered for your home.

Office Locations and Contacts

The License Bureau Office Address License Bureau License Bureau
Ministry of Transport and Road Safety
P.O.Box 270
Holon 58102

For other contact details, please click on this link:



The driving license with a photo has a validity of 10 year period, with the exception of the following scenarios:

    • New driver for a two-year period.
    • Over 50 years old aged 50 and over. vehicle Heavy goods vehicle, the security car, children’s transport vehicle over a two-year period.
    • Over 65 and older than two years old.

Drivers who have completed the two-year new driver phase for a five-year period.

Processing Time

Within 1 month


      • The date of renewal appears on your license. In order to make it easier to remember, is exactly the same as the date of your birth.
      • A month prior to the renewal date, you’ll receive a temporary license in paper form with a payment slip which must be made at every banking institution (including that of the Postal Bank). If you don’t receive the renewal notice, you must notify authorities at the Ministry of Transport and Road Safety via phone: (*5678) or (1222-578 (or from outside the country 03-9421920).
      • The driver’s license will automatically renew once the license fee has been paid, unless you’re subject to disqualification, non-paid fines or a medical issue.
      • Be aware that you are accountable to renew your driver’s license, regardless of whether you’ve received the renewal.

A driver’s license that has expired for more than a year can be renewed only after the applicant has met the conditions from the authority that licenses drivers.

Need to have the Document

If your driver’s license is expired, it should be renewed in order that you can continue to drive in public Israel.

External Links

Ministry of Transport & Road Safety




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