How To Renewal of Motor Bike License In China

How To Renewal of Motor Bike License In China

Motorbike riders or agents bring these items to the vehicle management for motor vehicle driver’s licence renewal procedures.

Documents Required Renewal of Motor Bike License

  • Application for motorbike license
  • The identity of the motorbike driver
  • The original driving license.
  • The agency should submit agent identification along with the motor vehicle driver’s license and, if co-signed by the agent “motor driver’s license” application form.

Office Locations and Contacts

General Office, Ministry of Public Security
Address: East Chang’an Avenue in Beijing on the 14th of April
Zip Code: 100,741

Shanghai Municipal Transport and Port Authority
Address 100 Dagu Rd (Office hour: 9am – 11:30am, and 11:30-4:30pm from Monday to Friday)
Telephone: 23111111
Chinese Government Network

What Are All The Eligibility

Owners of a motorbike license that has expired or is close to expiring may renew their license in order they do not violate the law.


  • Motor vehicle driver should be removed from the family management of the vehicle. The vehicle needs to be moved into the management software that is replacing it.
  • Motor vehicle drivers who are not under the jurisdiction of management for vehicles that issue them of their residence or place of residence, may be eligible to apply for the application for management of replacement vehicles.
  • Motor driver of a vehicle who does not meet the requirements of the law should be removed from the driver’s license, revocation or cancellation of the motor driver’s licenses for vehicles.
  • The driver of the motor vehicle is not able to achieve the cumulative score.

Requirements Information

  • Name
  • Types of Identification
  • Identification Number
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Official language of preference for license
  • Email address
  • Contact number for telephone or contact
  • Facsimile number
  • Address for mailing
  • Residence address

The Document is required Renewal of Motor Bike License

Handling units: Driver’s licence issued by public security authorities traffic management and vehicle management

Other uses for the Document/Certificate

In accordance with Article 99 of the Safety Law In the event that you are detained by police and you dont possess a motorbike permit you could be subject to

  • getting your license revoked,
  • the motorbike you have been riding confiscated.
  • an amount of fine that could be as much as 2000 RMB or
  • as long as 15-day in prison.

External Links

State Organs

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How To Renewal of Motor Bike License In China
How To Renewal of Motor Bike License In China

orbike License in China

Initial application to obtain driver’s licence


The handling must be done in accordance with the following:

  • “People’s Chinese Republic on Road Traffic Safety Law” (People’s Republic of China Presidential Decree no. 8)
  • “People’s China’s Republic in Road Safety Law, Implementing Rules” (State Council Decree No. 405)
  • “Motor license of the vehicle driver that can be used and applied for” (Decree Number. 91 of the Ministry of Public Security)




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