How to Replace Lost / Stolen Drivers License In Ukraine

Replace Lost / Stolen Drivers License In Ukraine By Online

  1. To get a new driver’s license applicants will have to visit your nearest Municipal Service Center (addresses provided below) and in the event of theft, they must report the theft to the local department that is part of national law enforcement.
  2. Fill out an application form and send it with all the necessary documents.
  3. Pay the replacement cost.
  4. The application will be processed as soon following receiving it.

Required Documents Replace Lost / Stolen Drivers LicenseĀ 

  • Application is complete
  • Passport or any other acceptable identification document that is valid and will confirm the applicant’s citizenship , or confirm any other special status.
  • Standard medical certificate

Office Locations and Contacts

Municipal Service Center (MSC)Contact: (044) 374-1033, 374-1060


Processing Time

The request will be processed promptly upon the receipt.

The Document is required

This article provides details on the best way to replace a stolen or lost driver’s licence in Ukraine.

External Links

Municipal Service Center (MSC)



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