How to Replace Lost / Stolen Health Card In Italy

Replace Lost / Stolen Health Card In Italy By Online

  • To get a replacement health card, you’ll have to submit an application at the ASL or any other office within the Revenue agency.
  • If you experience loss or theft it is not necessary to make a report to authorities in charge However, it is an act of caution for the person who is the victim.
  • The duplicate can even be demanded by someone designated to do so. In that the delegated individual must present his ID along with a copy of the ID of the person applying as well as a valid ID.

If you’re outside Italy

Foreign citizens can request a duplicate card by calling their Italian Consulate in their country where they reside. This card can be handed out at the discretion of Italy or through the same official in the foreign country.

Office Locations and Contacts

Agenzia delle Entratevia Cristoforo Colombo n. 426 C/D 00145 Roma
Toll-free number 800.030.070

Diplomatic Missions of Italy


  • The cardholder can request an additional card.

The duplicate could be requested by a party with authority


The validity of a health card is for one year. At the date of expiration, receiving the information from the appropriate regional office within the Health Service, a new card is issued via the TS System (Sistema Tessera Sanitaria) and has a an expiry date that is standard.


If you’ve lost your health insurance card or in the event that it’s damaged or is not usable You can request an exact copy at ASL ASL or any other office within Revenue agency. Revenue agency.

Documentation is needed

This guideline explains the procedure to change a health card that was made in Italy.

Other uses for the document/certificate

  • The health card is a replacement for the tax code card.
  • The expiration date of the card is in use as certificate in the Tax Code.
  • Even if the health insurance card is it’s expired can be presented at the chemist’s when purchasing medicines, to facilitate the purchase of the tax code as well as issuing the invoice (scontrino parlante).

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