How to Replacement of Lost O and A Level Certificate In Uganda

Replacement of Lost O and A Level Certificate In Uganda By Online

  • Uganda National Education Board (UNEB) does not issue duplicate the event of damage or loss of the result slip or certificate the letter of confirmation of results issued to the candidate in question. They are issued upon requests from individuals and employers, educational institutions and government agencies who carry an investigation.

How do I apply

  1. In person, former candidates must gather all required documents and go to the Uganda National Education Board (UNEB) office at Ntinda office block. They can ask for help regarding how to apply for the letter of confirmation of results (LVR)
  2. Complete the application form in a precise manner and attach the following documents

The individual should supply the following information

  • Provide an official letter of introduction from the former school or centre that he/she has sat (exam),Signed by the principal teacher or officers-in-charge of the Examination Centres
  • Take a police letter in case of loss or damaged slip/certificate
  • Bring a copy of a valid identity document
  • Pay a cost in addition to cost of postage at current rates in accordance with where the verification letter needs to be posted.
  • Provide a valid address, which should be on the letter that confirms results.
  • Pay processing fees for payments as they are established from time to time. Payment is paid to the cashier, and an appropriate receipt issued.
  • Foreign applicants must submit a copy of their identity document along with a letter authorizing another person to complete the application. The preferred method of postal service is DHLor an EMS. EMS is also used in Uganda.

Institutions or bodies, organizations, and agencies should offer the following

  • The letter is addressed to executive secretary UNEB
  • List of people with results to be confirmed, indicating the level of the examination (PLE UCE, UACE, or UCE) the year of their sitting and the exact index number (including both the centre and the candidate numbers)
  • The photocopies of the final document must be verified or confirmed along with the original document when the possibility of forgery is high.
  • You must pay for the Uganda National Examination Board on an invoice from the board.


  • Letters confirming the results of candidates who haven’t received their results slips or school certificates will not be accepted.

Web-based application

  1. Go to this website to visit the Uganda National Education Board (UNEB) online service portal
  2. Choose Letter of Verification under e-service. Select the option to apply as either an individual
  3. You will be taken to the next webpage, take the time to read the instructions then scroll down to complete the required fields accurately.
  4. Then upload all the necessary documents and complete the application
  5. The UNEB will validate and process your certificate.

The requirement to submit an online application

  • To apply online for Letters of verification/confirmation of results as an Individual, You must have the requirements below. (Note Upload pdf images, jpgs, jpegs, or PNG files)
  • A Letter of Introduction from the former school, written to the executive secretary UNEB.
  • An ID with a valid number
  • A Police Letter to notify you of the damage or loss of the Certificate/Slip.
  • The payment should be made directly to UNEB account, which is the equivalent of 50,000 Ugx to an Ordinary Letter, and 100,000 Ugx for Hard Cards that serve as a replacement for an official certificate (Payable via Airtel/MTN Mobile Money and Bank Deposits)

NOTE: Application on behalf of anotherperson, an authorization letter and identity document from the candidate is required.

Required Documents For Replacement of Lost O and A Level Certificate

  1. Candidate Results Slip (if available)
  2. The copy of ID card of the candidate
  3. Police report
  4. School letter or the seat centre
  5. Authorization letter in the event of a third-party
  6. Third ID card for a third party
  7. Application fee (ordinary note and hard copy of certificate)

Office Locations and Contacts

Uganda National Education Board (UNEB)Address: Plot 35 Martyrs Way Martyrs’ Way, Kampala
P.O.BOX 7066 KAMPALA, Uganda
Phone: +256 41 4286635

Ministry of Education and Sports
P. O. BOX 7063 Kampala, Uganda
Email: (Communication Information Management)
Email: (BTVET)
Email: (Statistics)
Tel: 0414259338 (PRO)
Tel: 0414 257 038 (Permanent Secretary)
Tel 0414 230 241 (Human Resources Management)
Tel 0414 033 357 (Statistics Monitoring and Evaluation)
Tel 0414 671680/1 (Teacher Management Information System – Helpline)


  • All candidates who appeared for their Uganda national exams and failed to get or damaged their O and A level certificates


  • 500.000 Ugx for an ordinary letter or 100,000 Ugx for the Hard Card

Requirements Information

  1. Name of the person who is applying
  2. Contact and address information
  3. Schools or Exam Centers
  4. Index Number Full
  5. Year of exam
  6. National ID
  7. Applicant signature
  8. The proof of payment

Documentation is needed

  • These certificates prove that one has completed the secondary schooling in Uganda

Other uses for the document/certificate

  • The certificates are required when applying for admission into higher education levels i.e. higher levels of education, tertiary.
  • The certifications are required in order to apply for job placements



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