How to Report a Crime or Incident In Ivory Coast

Report a Crime or Incident In Ivory Coast By Yourself

  • Every citizen are advised to report to police about any incident or crime. If you’ve been the victim , been witness to a crime or just like to inform authorities that you believe a crime was done, you can do so by a variety of ways to do so.
(i) emergency number dial 170 or 110 or 111 (for police),medical aid Dial (ii) Emergency number Dial 170 / 110 / 111 (for
(ii) (iii) Contact the nearest police station or the police officer on duty.
(iii) (iii) dial the local landline number for your police station.
(iv) (iv) Post the incident or crime on the police’s social media page.
  • Note Emergency numbers is a way to file a report of crimes without revealing your identity, and your personal information is not disclosed.

Required Documents For Report a Crime or Incident

  • Any document or item that is related to the reported incident can prove useful during the process of investigation
  • Identity document (ID document/current passport) If requested by the police officer.

Office Locations and Contacts

Police stations contact link

Fire brigade contact link contact link


  • Service is available to all.


  • There are no charges associated with this service.


The validity period lasts until the matter is resolved.

Processing Time

Police officers/paramedic/firemen will be dispatched immediately at the site.

Requirements Information

  • The nature of the offense.
  • The time of the offense.
  • Locality (i.e. plot number Street, H/No, or the nearest structure).
  • The identity of the suspect, and physical description or identity of suspect.
  • Any weapon used.
  • Witness names if possible.

The Document is required

  • Every member of the public are advised to report to police any crime or incident as soon as they occur and do not take the matter into their own .




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