How To Report Lost Or Stolen Passport In Australia

How To Report Lost Or Stolen Passport In Australia

  1. You should notify the authorities of a lost or stolen passport right away.
    1. In Australia In Australia, if your passport is lost, you can file a report on the internet or by calling the number 131 223.
    2. Overseas, in the event that your passport disappears, you may submit it online or in the closest Australian consular or diplomatic mission.
  2. To get the new passport:
    1. Apply for the position and satisfy all normal prerequisites. You must fill out section 10 on the application form, which covers theft or loss prior to you are allowed to attend the interview.
    2. Pay for a stolen or lost passport fee that is in addition to the standard fee for application. How much of the extra fee will be determined by the amount of passports you lost or stolen within the last five years.
    3. Verify the number of passports that you’ve lost or stolen, as well as the amount of the extra cost online or, if located in Australia call toll-free the Australian Passport Information Service on the number 131 231. If you are in another country you are, this information can be requested by contacting your nearest Australian consular or diplomatic mission. The information can’t be given during a passport check.

Office Locations and Contacts

For contact information of Australian Offices of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade:

What Are All The Eligibility

The holder in possession of the Australian passport.


Travel document stolen or lost in the last 5 years

  • Adult: A$105
  • Child: A$105

Travel documents stolen or lost within five years

  • Adult: A$238
  • Child: A$238

Travel documents with three or more pages stolen or lost within 5 years (The applicable lost or stolen fees are due as an addition fee to your regular cost of application.)

  • Adult: A$476
  • Child: A$476


The validity of a passport is five years.


  • If your passport gets lost or stolen, you must to report the issue as soon as you can.
  • Passports found to be stolen or lost will be permanently and immediately annulled.
  • If you find the passport following the report of it being as stolen or lost you have to send it in to the closest passport offices. If you’re overseas take it back to an Australian consular or diplomatic mission. This permits us to stamp your passport as canceled. The passport can return to you upon the request of.

The Document is required Report Lost Or Stolen Passport

A passport that is stolen or lost can give opportunity to criminals to disguise themselves as another in order to travel without permission and also commit other crimes.

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