How to Request for Certificate of Conformity (CC) In Ivory Coast

Request for Certificate of Conformity (CC) In Ivory Coast By Yourself

  • Candidates should visit for the Ministry of construction, housing, sanitation and urban planning (MCLA) Department, Guichet Unique du Permis de Construire (GUPC), and indicate your interest.
  • Complete the application form that you can get at the GUPC office or download it through the ministry of housing, construction, urban and sanitation (MCLA) link or download it from this hyperlink (Application application form)
  • Complete the form and submit it along with the necessary document (listed below) to verify and process.
  • Make the necessary application fee at the cash desk and you’ll be issued receipt.
  • It is the MCLA office will set an appointment time and date to go through the building or project and notify you via mail, telephone and in person.
  • The scheduled time and date, an inspection will be carried out through the MCLA inspector. In addition, an assessment of the concern that was raised construction of the building or project will be recorded and an acknowledgement of the report will be given to the applicant along with guidance during inspections on what to do to remedy the problem.
  • A follow-up inspection is then conducted on the project or building to determine whether the problem(s) is resolved.
  • If the authorized party is convinced that all conditions are met, you’ll be informed and issued with the certificate of conformity.

Required Documents For Request for Certificate of Conformity

  • Building Permit copy
  • Certification of the project’s execution issued in the hands of the architect who designed the building
  • A certificate for good performance issued through the office of design, which verified the completion of the work
  • The entire Building Permit file
  • Valid Identification document

Office Locations and Contacts

MINISTRY OF CONSTRUCTION Housing, SANITATION, AND URBAN Planning (MCLA)Address: Cite Administrative, Plateau, Tower D 26th floor
BP V 153 Abidjan
Phone (+225)20217478 (103-104) or 0218235/20239070
Fax (+225)20217446
Website: website

Contact details of MCLA : contact information


  • Abidjan District developers


Application fee of 50,000 FCFA

Requirements Information

  • Information provided by the applicant
      • Full names
      • Postal address
      • Contact details
  • Information about the plot
      • Deeds for sale
      • Date and Coupon of Sale
      • Final decree of concession number
      • Cadastral section ( If available)
      • Lot number
      • The surface of the terrain
      • District address and municipality
      • building permit number
  • A declaration from the applicant

Documentation is needed

  • A certificate of compliance (C of C) is an document that confirms that the structure was constructed in compliance with the building Permit (PC).

Information that can be useful

REFER: Construction Standards link :link

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