How to Request for Freedom of Information In Israel

Request for Freedom of Information In Israel By Online

  • To request information, go to the custodian of information under the Freedom of Information Law by email.

Formulation for application: to obtain details under Freedom of Information Law. Freedom of Information Law.

Office Locations and Contacts

Contact information of officials is available under the link below : Contact Info


Fee for request: NIS 98Location and Handling fee: is calculated at NIS 53 per hour spent in locating or identifying the information or handling the request. It will begin at the end of the 3rd hour.
The cost for production of information will comprise the sum of NIS 1.33 per photocopied or the page produced by computer printers and NIS 5.24 per computer diskette that is provided.
Basic cost to get commitment to sign NIS 261.

Exempt from the payment of charges :

  • To avoid unnecessary fees To avoid paying unnecessary fees, it is recommended to confirm if the information is available at the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development website.

Information that a person asks regarding himself are exempted from fee for the request, as well as from handling fees up to 4 hours.

Documents to Utilize

Information related to application forms : Application Forms

Required Document For Request for Freedom of Information

This process provides you with the information regarding requests Freedom of Information in Isarel. It is the Freedom of Information Law determines the rights of the citizens to seek information from public authorities and authorities’ obligation to provide the requested information.


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