How To Single Status Certificate In Akrotiri

How To Single Status Certificate In Akrotiri

It’s an affidavit made on a stamp paper that has been which is signed and dated by your closest relatives, e.g. Brothers or parents. In this affidavit family member will say that Mr.XYZ is the son or daughter of Mr. ABC is not currently married.

  • It is recommended to adhere to the guidelines that local registry offices believe are essential.
  • Anyone who wants to marry outside of the country require special paperwork.
  • The first step is for couples to sign a declaration which is processed by the local office where marriage papers are created.
  • The search is conducted at the Registry Office in order to determine if the applicant is married at present.
  • If the results reveal that you’re not married, your registry will then issue you with a certification stating that there is no record of a marriage that is currently taking place with the person applying.

The registrar will review the marriage records to ensure that there is no wedding registrations.

If the results reveal that you aren’t currently in a marriage, you will receive an official Certificate of Marital Status (Single Status Certificate)

Documents Required Single Status Certificate

  • Birth Certificate
  • The Divorce or Death Certificate (if needed)
  • Identity proof Identification document: Photocopy from (Registration card, passport (or National Identity card).

Office Locations and Contacts

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How To Single Status Certificate In Akrotiri
How To Single Status Certificate In Akrotiri

What Are All The Eligibility

All Single Status Certificate applicants must be the person listed in the document. Other applicants will require an authorization letter from the individual to be listed on the certificate.

This is a statement (also called an Marital Status document) issued by the authority responsible in your country that states that:

  • You are single, but aren’t yet married.
  • It is not legal hurdles or problems that would prevent the possibility of getting married.

You can get this document by visiting the Register Office in your area.

This document can be also prepared by a solicitor to form an Affidavit. When this document has been issued it is typically a time-limit of three months on the validity of this document. In this instance, the document should be sought out not more than three months prior to the wedding date.


An individual certificate is given to assist in the process of getting married overseas. It proves that you did not been married in Akrotiri within a specific number of time.

It is recommended to adhere to the guidelines of certain authorities consider important. Couples who want to marry outside of the country will require a special form of documentation. The first step is to sign a declaration which is processed by the local office where marriage certificates are prepared. The declaration must originate from the state in which you live , which is Akrotiri. In this declaration will be noted it is noted that there was been no marriage in the last few years.

Requirements Information

  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Surname
  • Date of Birth
  • Age
  • Birthplace of the Child
  • Religion
  • Nationality
  • Profession , Rank or Service No. or Unit
  • Address for Residence
  • Telephone Number Home
  • Work
  • Passport Details
  • Location of Issue
  • Issue Date
  • Expiry Date
  • Fathers Names: Full Name
  • Residence Address
  • Profession
  • Marriage (Church or Civil)
  • Date of the wedding

The Document is required Single Status Certificate

The certificate is accepted for legal reasons to prove that an individual is not legally married within Akrotiri. Certain countries’ authorities need this certificate when you marry abroad.

Information that could be helpful

Anyone who willfully includes or inserts false information in any declaration, certificate, or other document that is required by Law to be completed or issued is punished with a sentence of imprisonment for a period not more than two years.

If the documents required have been issued in a language other that is not Arabic, English or French Please submit the official translation (by an official translator) of the document in any of three of these languages.

Other uses for the document/certificate

This is one of the necessary documents needed to be presented when you are getting married.

It’s a document from the government that states that a search was conducted but no evidence of marriage has been found.

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It is important to note that majority of civil registry offices do not accept affidavits as proof of marriage status. A certified certificate from local authority or the county clerk’s office is required together with the declaration that there isn’t a marriage legally registered.

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