How To Start a Business In China

How To Start a Business In China

  • Do your homework.
    • Be aware of the current state of the business that you’re working in. Much of this research takes place in your home.
  • Pick a location.
    • It’s not possible to set your business up anywhere and expect it to be successful.
  • Select an entity status
    • Before you can register at the foreign government level, you have to decide on the type of business entity you want to be registering.
  • Create a business plan.
    • A comprehensive five-year business plan is essential, as when the government has approved it, you’ll be allowed to operate within the guidelines of the government.
  • Find a contact.
    • However well-informed you are, you will not be able to make any progress without consulting with a representative to start your business.
    • A licensed representative should be able inform you of the best place to to register, whether that’s the local, provincial , or the national government.
  • Organise all the documents needed.
  • Request registration certificate “business license of legitimate entity” with SAIC or the organization code certification issued by Quality and Technology Supervision Bureau, and registration for both local and state taxes with the tax bureau.
  • Trademark your intellectual property.
  • Find the bank.
    • The process is likely to be fast and simple, as there are a lot of banks that have a large influence in China.
  • You can apply for approval to print or buy financial invoices/receipts.
  • Purchase uniform invoices
    • The business must complete and complete an application form for purchasing uniform invoices
  • Register for recruitment with your local career service center
    • within 30 days from hiring employees, new companies must sign up in the career services center, which is a part of local authorities.
  • Sign up with Social Welfare Insurance Center
    • In the first 30 days following establishing the business must sign up to pay social insurance at the local office for social insurance

Documents that are required Start a Business

  • Notification of approval of the company name
  • Lease or any other evidence of office location.
  • Certificate of Capital Verification or appraisal report
  • Articles of Association, signed by each shareholder
  • Representation authorization
  • Identification documents of shareholders and identification documents for officers
  • Documents for appointment and identification (certifying address and name) of directors supervisors, officers, and directors.
  • Documents for appointment and identification of the legal representative of the company
  • In the event that your initial investment is made in non-monetary assets, then the document attesting the transfer of the title to property of the assets
  • Other documents that are required by authorities

Office Locations and Contacts

Shenzhen & South China Office:6009 Yi Tian Road, Suite 2306,
New World Tower,Shenzhen 518035
TEL: (86-755) 6128.6800 (You can ask questions about the service in English, Cantonese and Chinese)
Mobile: (86) 136.8649.3886

The People’s Bank of China (PBC)
Addr: No.32 Chengfang street,Xi Cheng district,
Beijing,China PostCode:100800

Path To China (PtC) Offices in Southern China:
161 West Lin He Rd. 23F
Tower A, Center Plaza,
Guangzhou, 510620
Request For Proposal
Tel: (86.20) 6113.5690

OCRA (China) Limited
Room 303, Wheelock Square
1717 Nan Jing Road West
Shanghai 200040, Shanghai

PR China
Tel: +86 21 6288 2288
Fax: +86 21 6288 2138

National Police Agency,
Ministry of the Interior, Republic of China(Taiwan)
Address:No.7, Sec. 1, Jhongsiao E. Rd.,
Jhongjheng District, Taipei City 10058, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Service TEL? 02-23219011

Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau
Phone: (8610) 88050813
Fax: (8610) 63070900

How To Start a Business In China
How To Start a Business In China


People’s Republic of China Ministry of Commerce Investment Promotion Agency
Phone: (010) 64404550
Fax: (010) 64515317

What Are All The Eligibility

Entrepreneurs who want to establish an enterprise in China.


CNY 3000

Examples of Documents


When you are considering starting an enterprise in China it is essential to be aware of your options. Foreign investors typically have a presence in China by using one of five methods:

  • Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE);
  • Partnership Enterprise (PE)
  • Representative Office;
  • Joint Venture;
  • Hong Kong company

Requirements Information

  • The purpose and estimated amount of investment
  • The structure of operations and the how many employees it has
  • Permission for the use of land environmental evaluation report
  • Production size, products the equipment’s list and business plans
  • Environmental safeguarding measures
  • For utilities, such as water and electricity
  • The most recent version of the annual audit reports is from the parent company.
  • Letter of Authorization
  • Copy of Passport
  • Certificate of Incorporation Certificate of Incorporation, Articles or Formalities or equivalent document
  • Credit Reference Letters for Banks issued by the bank of investors

Documentation is needed

China could be a daunting place to think about for establishing a business. China has the highest prosperous communist country in the world and is consistently ranked as the sixth-largest economy.

Information that can be useful

It is a common practice to China for rent to be paid in advance for a year and this has to be considered when making a budget since the authorities of the government are likely to expect this.

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If you offer an item or service which is not part of your business plan or business plan, the Chinese government may shut your company down. This is the same for where you are operating and how you do it.




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