How to Suspension, Revocation of Recruitment Agency License In Uganda

Suspension, Revocation of Recruitment Agency License In Uganda By Yourself

  1. An application for a suspension,revocation of recruitment agency License shall be made to the Authority in the form prescribed by the worker’s Migrant laws as set by the Ordinance.
  2. The Licensing authority could deem it required to visit the recruitment agency to check the validity and conformity with the established workers Migrant Laws standards of the Authority, if they are not satisfied with the agency. Authority finds it not happy with the company, could decide at any time to terminate or suspend an agency’s license if confident that a recruiting agencyis not in compliance with the requirements of the Authority.
    • has ceased to conduct the business;
    • is under new ownership, and the owners haven’t been approved to do so by either authorities such as the Administration as well as an Internal Security Organization;
    • In the opinion of the Administration violated it’s Regulations in a manner that is grave or persistent;
    • It has transferred its license to a different partnership or a firm;
  3. The Authority will suspend or revoke the license of the recruitment agency License as specified in the Act when the applicant fails to pay employees’ wages or remittances without valid reasons; with regard to the rules set forth in the Ordinance.
  4. Send the application for Revocation long along with the necessary documents
  5. The Administration will not remove or suspend licences of recruiting agency in the event that the Administration has provided the recruitment agency the opportunity to present its case.
  6. When the license is suspended or cancelled or cancelled, the Administration must announce its suspension and cancellation on at the very least one widely circulated local newspaper.

Required Documents For Suspension, Revocation of Recruitment Agency License

  1. A document describing the financial history and status of the applicant.
  2. Integrity and competence of the management proposed;
  3. The sufficiency in the capital structure of the applicant
  4. The director’s list and shareholders of the company.
  5. A copy of the director’s, shareholder’s or employees criminal records
  6. Other documents, that the Administration could consider pertinent to the request.
  7. for the case of a newly formed company it is necessary for the company to have at least one document indicating the balance of its account to be at least 10 million Uganda shillings.
  8. Copy of certified financial statement.
  9. Tax returns on income for the two previous years
  10. Evidence of connections to the international community, including websites and emails
  11. All individuals on the Board of Directors is required by The Criminal Investigation Department and other agencies of the government.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Gender, Labour & social Development,Plot 9, Lourdel Road
P.O.Box 7136,Kampala,Uganda.
Tel : +256 041-4347854
Tel: +256 041-4 347855.
Tel:+256 041-4 343572 (Permanent Secretary)
Tel: +256 Fax: 041 256374.
Site: Ministry of Gender Labour and social Development

Web Site Phone Number MoGLSD


It is eligible if the agency that recruits you is

  • has stopped carrying on the business;
  • is under new ownership, and the owners haven’t been approved to do so by either The Administration and/or an Internal Security Organization;
  • is, according to the view of the Administration in the opinion of the Administration, violated in the opinion of the Administration, violated Regulations in a manner that is persistent or serious;
  • The license has been transferred to a different partnership or business;
  • is making, imposing or accepting, directly or directly or indirectly any amount of money or goods and services or any other fee or bond to any reason whatsoever prior to the employment is granted to applicants or when the fee is in excess or is in contradiction to the requirements established in the Administration;
  • Are you engaging in actions of deceit, with regard to the recruitment or the placement of employees, for example the publication or advertising of false notices or other information, or the submission of documents that contain fraudulent or false details;
  • attempts to persuade an existing employee to quit their current job to work at a different company, or transfer, unless the purpose of the transfer is to free the worker of the oppressive terms and terms of employment.
  • is trying to influence or influence any entity or person to not employ any employee who has submitted an application for employment through their agency;
  • is trying to hinder inspection or inspections conducted by or attempt to obstruct inspection by the Administration or its authorized representatives;
  • substitutes or alters employment contracts or other contracts that are approved and verified by the Administration as of the date of the actual signing up to the date that expires without the administration’s approval.
  • have not filed reports that are ordered by Administration;
  • cannot justifiably withhold or deny the travel or other documents to workers in exchange for money or for reasons that are not covered in Code or regulations. Code and its rules of implementation and regulations:
  • is engaged in recruitment activities in locations that are not listed in the license without getting prior authorization by the Administration;
  • is the act of naming or identifying employees, agents, or representatives in the absence of prior consent without prior approval from the Administration;
  • Falsifying or altering travel documents and assigning employees whose employment documents weren’t approved in a timely manner by the Administration;
  • is responsible for publishing or causing the publication of job openings in the overseas market in contravention of the regulations;
  • has not been able to mobilize workers within the specified time without a valid reason;(r)is not heeding legal orders or notices, as well as other procedures given from the Administration;
  • is enticing workers into accepting unfair arrangements in exchange for benefits that are rightfully the property of the workers.
  • is refusing to pay workers’ wages or remittances for unjustifiable reasons;
  • Infractions against the Regulations and other applicable legislation and rules, and guidelines, and other publications on the hiring and placing foreign workers and their welfare.
  • You are in violation of the terms of License;
  • is engaged in fraudulent acts with the purpose of obtaining an authorization or renewing the license
  • is involved in the hiring or placing of employees in positions that are harmful to moral or public health or the respect for Uganda; Republic of Uganda;
  • It has been subject to and accrued three suspensions due to final and executory orders within the period of validity of its license.
  • commits any other act that are similar to or comparable to the ones mentioned above.


  • It is valid until this issue has been fixed

Processing Time

  • Processing time is 21 working day or less.


  • Every company must sign up with Administration and be acquainted with the rules of recruitment agencies.

The Information You Need

  • The copy of the Articles of Association
  • The Regulation for investment Authority.
  • A copy of the memorandum of agreement and Articles of Association;
  • A duplicate of the identity card.
  • An original copy of the document attesting to your recruitment Agency investor status and two recent photographs of passport size;
  • A photocopie of the memorandum along with Articles of Association;

The Document is required

As per the Constitution of Uganda 2005,of employment (recruitment of Ugandan Workers Abroad ) article number 59) in the Constitution of Uganda, Section 23 of the WORKERS MIGRANT Act No. 20 of 2005 It is an offence for any person to participate in the workers Recruitment service unless the person has been granted a license issued by the Authority.

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