How To Temporary Driver License In Cook Islands

How To Temporary Driver License In Cook Islands

It’s a temporary licence for drivers designed to take us from office Police Station to obtain the photo driver’s license. The licences are issued for vehicles and scooters. The price is $2. is limited to just one per person.

  • If you don’t have an active motor cycle license you’ll need to take in a test of your skills in the office.
  • The cost of the test of skills is $5.
  • After passing the test, you’ll be issued an indefinite license. It will be valid until 12 noon the following day. you’ll need to go to the Police Headquarters in town to get an official Cook Islands photo licence which costs you $20.
  • In the event that you do not pass the test, you’ll be required to pay the cost of the day hire and the cost of the skills test.
  • Temporary driver licenses are obtained from the company you intend to rent the Car or Motor bike.

Documents that are required Temporary Driver License

The driver’s license you received from your the country you came from (if you have one). If your driver’s license isn’t in English then you must present a translated driver’s license.


A payment of $2 fee for license.


Valid till next day Noon (12 PM).


  • Visitors older than 16 may be driving in the Cook Islands on their current and valid overseas license for at least six months, unless their license expires, gets removed, suspended or revoked at that point.
  • The left hand rule applies to driving in Cook Islands. The speed permitted in the main township is 30km/h, and in the villages it’s 40 km/h without helmets. It is mandatory to wear a helmet at speeds of greater than 40km/h particularly in the 50km/h speed limit within the areas that are less populated. It is necessary to have an active Drivers Licence. Travelers who are from Australia, New Zealand, US, Canada, UK and the EU are now able to drive on the Cook Islands for up to six months while holding an overseas licence.
  • Visitors will be permitted to drive only the type of motor vehicle they’re allowed to operate in the country of origin. If the visitor has an overseas driving permit that is only for cars that license holder is only allowed to drive a vehicle in the Cook Islands.

The Document is required Temporary Driver License

This process provides you with information on how to obtain an interim license in the Cook Islands.



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