How to Transfer of Vehicle Ownership In Bhutan

Transfer of Vehicle Ownership In Bhutan By Online

  1. Take all the documents you’ll require to present or submit for the transfer of ownership on your vehicle. Notification: The owner must notify and ask an Authority to transfer title of the vehicle to his name within fifteen days of the date the vehicle was sold.
  2. Submit an application it with all the necessary documents.
  3. The transfer of ownership of your vehicle will be completed within one business day, provided that all necessary documents were provided and all fees applicable were paid.

Required Documents For Transfer of Vehicle Ownership 

The application to transfer the ownership of a car must be accompanied by

  • An agreement of sale that contains the price at which you sold the vehicle, as well as the signatures of both the buyer and seller who have signed it with an official stamp by both parties, and witnesses from both parties;
  • The registration certificate of the vehicle
  • If a car is secured by financial institutions, it is necessary to obtain a certification issued by the institution that states that the loan for the vehicle has been completely paid off or that the lender has no objection in the transfer and the transfer ownership of the vehicle.
  • The clearance is granted by the Court in the event that the vehicle is involved in any legal dispute
  • The fees and charges associated with changing ownership, and also the tax on transfer of property
  • Seller must notify the authorities in writing as soon as they have sold the vehicle. of the vehicle.
  • A photocopy of buyer’s Citizen ID card.
  • A copy from the wedding certificate, if the transfer occurs from spouse to husband or vice versa or the parents are passing off offspring to their offspring after providing evidence.
  • Vehicle Ownership transfer within 5th year from the date of registration, particularly for third country import vehicles, registered in the name of diplomats/expatriates must produce tax clearance certificate from Ministry of Finance (Department of Revenue and Customs).
  • All vehicles exempt from tax or duty at the time of the purchase process must present a tax clearance documents at the time of ownership transfer
  • A recent passport-sized photograph of the new owner/buyer.

Office Locations and Contacts

Head Office
Mongar Region
Thimphu region
Phuntsholing Region
Gelephu Region
S/jongkhar Region

How to Transfer of Vehicle Ownership In Bhutan
How to Transfer of Vehicle Ownership In Bhutan


Who is responsible for paying the tax on transfers: The seller is the person who is accountable to pay the transfer tax, unless in the the following case:

  • A vehicle that was that was purchased from the government on an allotment
  • Cars is sold by diplomatic and international agencies or
  • A seller who is exempt from tax on transfers If so the buyer is required to pay the tax on transfer unless he is able to produce an exemption certificate from the Ministry of Finance.
  • Other instances:
    • When a vehicle is confiscated and auctioned off by the financial institution in order to collect its loan, the owner, under whose name the loan was due is affected by transfer tax on the exact amount paid to the owner of the property following adjustment of the loan amount.
    • In the event of a car that is scrapped the owner is liable to transfer tax on the value of sale for the scrap, and is required to surrender their registration certificates at the Authority.

NOTE: Vehicles gifted as gifts or SOELRA, purchased from RGOB projects, etc. are subject to an additional 5% tax on transfer.

Exemption from the payment of tax on property transfers:
Taxes on transfer of property is exempt if the ownership of the vehicle being transferred:

  • From parents to their children
  • from husband-to-wife, or vice versa
  • From one person of privilege to another, which is the transfer of allotment
  • Between exempt international organization.

Charges and fees that apply to transfer of ownership

  • Tax on Ownership Change: Nu.500/-.
  • Registration Certificate cost,Nu.500$.

Processing Time

The transfer of ownership of your vehicle will be completed within one business day, if all the required documents have been supplied.


Seller must notify and request the buyer must notify and solicit an Authority to transfer ownership of the vehicle in that of the purchaser within 15 days of the day it was transferred to the buyer.

For a stay of more than 15 days Penalty for exceeding 15 days: 2 . (Nu.100) per

The document is needed

Here is a guideline for the transfer of the ownership of a car to another person or entity.

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