How to Transfer Ownership of a Vehicle In Italy

Transfer Ownership of a Vehicle In Italy By Online

  • Clean the title of any loans. This happens when the vehicle has been removed off of a loan as collateral. Certain financial institutions won’t issue a clear title until receiving the amount due to the loan. In this situation the buyer might have to visit the agency to settle the debt and then receive a certificate confirming the title.
  • Inscribe the title as an owner and the date. Enter your mileage on the vehicle that is the one being sold. It is crucial that the mileage is correct for the transfer of title.
  • Provide the title along with the lien release form for the purchaser. The buyer then takes the title and clear lien documents to the motor vehicle in order to get the title transferred to his name.
  • The signing of the title release the seller from all future events that may occur with the car. It is crucial to sign the title prior to letting the vehicle to leave your control.
  • The transfer of your title over to department of motor vehicles to register it is up to the purchaser when he’s got all the documents and title of the vehicle.

Required Documents For Transfer Ownership of a Vehicle

Following documents will be needed to transfer ownership of a vehicle that has been used:

  • An act of sale (Atto di Vendita)
  • The vehicle documents (Certificato di Propriet)
  • Car registration certificate (Carta di Circolazione)
  • EU nationals must supply a Residence Certificate (Certificato di Residenza)
  • The tax codes for the personal of the buyer and the seller (Codice Fiscale)
  • Non-EU citizens must provide an original copy of their Residence Permit (Certificato of Residenza)

Office Locations and Contacts

To find a nearby Agenzie di Pratiche Auto: Click here to enter the name of the town and region (in Italian)

Automobile Club d’Italia

Directory of Motorizzazione Civile offices


Failure to declare the transfer of ownership within 60 days, the previous owner is still the de facto owner of the vehicle on the public registry for cars and is accountable for not paying taxes, accidents that resulted or infractions to the Highway Code (Codice della Strada).


If you are transferring ownership of a car you’ll require an undisputed title. Some people try to sell a vehicle that is a lien and the buyer is not able to register the vehicle without clearing the title. The obligation to clear the title is on the owner of the car who transfers the title to a different person. The process of clearing your title for the vehicle and then transferring it to another owner could be done in a matter of minutes, or in certain instances, it could be a long time.

The Information You Need

  • Owner’s names as well as the address of the previous owner
  • Names of the owner who purchased
  • Names of witnesses
  • Tax Identification Number
  • Details of the vehicle (date of registration) and make, model, etc.)
  • Registered as keeper
  • Vehicle insurance details
  • Results of inspection
  • Any modifications to the vehicle
  • Payment Details
  • Licence Status

The Document is required

  • If you purchase a car in Italy it is necessary to visit the Italian Automobile Club Public Registry Office (Automobile Club Italiano Pubblico Automoblistico Registro) along with the owner of the vehicle and take ownership transfer.
  • Youll be required to pay a fee for the transfer of ownership. Do it yourself, and if you are able you can bring with you someone who is an Italian local or someone else who knows the process in the event of mistakes. The Agenzie di Pratiche Auto can also help if youre in doubt.

Information that can be useful

If you purchase the car from an auto dealer, they’ll take care of the transfer.

Other uses for the Document/Certificate

There is a 60-day period to record the transfer of ownership (passaggio of propriet) and bring the vehicle’s registration certificate that is up-to-date.

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The dealer will be in charge of the other documents however, if you’re not sure then you should contact the Agenzie di Pratiche Auto for assistance. The fees for these services are included in the price of the new vehicle.



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