How To Update Vehicle Owner Relocation Change of Residence Address In China

How To Update Vehicle Owner Relocation Change of Residence Address In China

  • Transfer of an automobile The owner of the vehicle has to fill out an application form and provide proof of identity and a motor vehicle registration certificate as well as motor vehicle documents as well as an inspection for motor vehicle. Transfer the vehicle at the time of testing validity the safety and technical inspections must be carried out and submitted separately to the motor safety inspection certificates for the vehicle and compulsory insurance for accident liability certificate. The date of management of the vehicle must take three days to validate the vehicle. verify the identification number of the vehicle ruby film, read the relevant documents, certificates and the motor vehicle’s files on the motor vehicle registration certificate endorsement transferred information on the plate the driving conformity mark as well as the inspection certification.
  • Modifications to the management of vehicles to permit registration of motor vehicles. motor license plate number for the vehicle, the need to modify the plate, withdraw it, drive license and the motor vehicle’s license plate to identify a new or reissued license plate driver’s permit and inspection mark.

Documents that are required Update Vehicle Owner Relocation Change of Residence Address

  • Identity (a) owner of a motor vehicle to prove
  • The registration certificate for motor vehicles;
  • The motor vehicle’s license;
  • Motor vehicle file.

Office Locations and Contacts

General Office at the Ministry of Public Security. Email:
Address: East Chang’an Avenue in Beijing on 14th of April
Zip Code: 100,741

Shanghai Municipal Transport and Port Authority
Address 100 Dagu Rd (Office hour: 9am to 11:30am , and between 1:30 and 4:30pm on Monday through Friday)
Telephone: 23111111

Beijing Traffic Management Bureau,
Beijing ICP 08006306 Beijing public security equipment 110 102 001 220
Address: Xicheng District, Beijing Fuchengmen
North Main Street on the 1st Zip Code: 100037

What Are All The Eligibility

Handling units: Registration of motor vehicles to public security organs traffic management and vehicle Management

Processing Time

Within three days of the date of reception of the request within three days from the date of receipt.


Any of the following scenarios will not be able to register the change:

  • Change the model, brand and engine of the vehicle, however, authorities of the State Council department in charge of motor vehicle products , they will guarantee an optional engine, with the exception of;
  • modifications in the form and design of motor vehicles registered as well as related technical information, unless in the case of legislation, regulations, or national standards.
  • Provide evidence of all motor vehicles or certificates of invalidity;
  • when the vehicle is at the mandatory retirement date of the state standards;
  • The vehicle is People’s Court, People’s Procuratorate and the law enforcement administrative agencies detained or confiscated;
  • was robbery committed on an automobile belonging to

Of the following scenarios, that are not compromising security and registration number plates, the owner does not have to declare the change

  • Small miniature vehicle to install small, around the mini passenger car to install
  • the installation of the windshields for tanks, freight vehicles tools, toolboxes, spare tire racks
  • improve the interior design of the car.

Requirements Information

  • Name
  • Types of Identification
  • Identification Number
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Email address
  • Telephone number or contact number
  • Facsimile number
  • Address for mail
  • Residence address

The Document is required Update Vehicle Owner Relocation Change of Residence Address

After you move, you must to submit a change of address, and update your car registration, and obtain your driver’s license.

Information that could be helpful

The owner of the vehicle or their agent must provide the following documents:

  • Owner of the vehicle, and, if applicable agents original and photocopy of the identification documents
  • For consulates, embassy or embassy of foreign countries or international organisations China representative offices and identification documents must be provided by the consulate, embassy or international organisation
  • For foreign-funded companies or foreign companies Beijing representative office Organization Code Certification and business license or foreign enterprise Beijing representative office registration certificate. If the above-mentioned organization or company has already pulled out from China or cancelled its registration, or declared bankruptcy however its vehicle registration requires a change the business that has been dissolved must present the documents issued by the Industrial and Commercial Administration; the organization that was canceled must submit its certificate from its superior administration. In addition, the bankrupt business must provide the correct documentation provided by a qualified registered liquidator.
  • For individuals who are foreigners passport and residence permit. In the case of Hong Kong and Macau resident travel pass to mainland. For Taiwan residents: Passport to mainland, and residence permit
  • For employees of consulates, embassy and international organisations China office A valid ID card issued by the Ministry of foreign Affairs of P.R.C.
  • Original registration card for vehicle
  • Original Title of Vehicle
  • Vehicles license plates

Rubbish label for vehicles Identification number (frame number)Note: The purpose of the The rubbing label uses the pencil “rub” the vehicle’s identify number (frame number) on a piece of paper.

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It is handled in accordance with:

  • “the People’s Republic of China on Road Traffic Safety Law” (People’s Republic of China Presidential Decree no. 8)
  • the “People’s China Republic regarding Road Safety Law and Implementing Regulations” (State Council Decree No. 405)
  • “motor registration requirements for vehicles” (Ministry of Public Order, no. 102)




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