How to Work Visa In Israel

Work Visa In Israel By Online

  • In order to apply for a visa, you’ll need to these documents:
    • A certified document of good conduct
    • Medical examinations that have been certified at hospitals or clinics that are that are recognized by mission (the certification should cover among other things, normal results from tests for tuberculosis and hepatitis as well as AIDS) along with the result of blood tests.
    • A statement of the taking of fingerprints (the State of Israel has begun to collect fingerprints from foreigners who come into the country for perform work) and a photo.
  • The applicants must also fill out and submit an application for the visa required to enter Israel. The link under the “Documents to Use’ section to download the application form.
  • Include two passport photos with your request.
  • The cost is paid by the applicant after the application is sent to one of the office of the administration within the Ministry of the Interior. After receiving approval from the Ministry of the Interior, the office is able to issue the B/1 work Visa after conducting an interview and the submission of all required documents.

Required Documents For Work Visa

  • A completed and signed application is required to obtain an entry visa into Israel
  • Two passport pictures
  • A valid document of good conduct
  • Medical examinations that have been certified in hospitals or clinics that are recognized as such by the mission (the certification must include the normal results from tests for tuberculosis, HIV as well as AIDS) as well as the blood test results.
  • A statement of the taking of the fingerprint (the State of Israel has started to collect fingerprints from foreign workers entering Israel to do work) and a photo.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Address:9 Yitzhak Rabin Blvd., Kiryat Ben-Gurion, Jerusalem 9103001

Phone: 972-2-5303111
Documents that need to be certified: 972-2-5303358
Fax Number: 92-2-5303367

Consular Reception:
Sun-Thurs 08:30-12:30; Sun 14:00-16:00

Israeli Missions Abroad


  • Validity of B/1 work Visa is based on Ministry of Interior guidelines.
  • The applicant must obtain a visa to get into Israel within the duration specified in the visa. The worker must also remain within the country in accordance with the terms on the visa. The person who has received the visa can apply to any of the offices for population administration within the Ministry of the Interior to extend the visa.

Documents to Utilize

Application to get the Visa to Enter Israel

The Document is required

  • Work visas are granted to those whose stay in Israel is authorized for a specific time frame for working. This visa is issued to artists and experts, as well as other individuals and is granted only after approval from Ministry of Interior. Ministry of the Interior.
  • Here’s the procedure for how to apply for this kind of visa.

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