How to Obtain a Duplicate Driver License In Mali

Obtain a Duplicate Driver License In Mali By Yourself

  1. It is recommended to first visit the police station or town hall for reporting damage or loss of your driver’s license. Then, obtain a loss certificate from the town hall or police authorities. This is a requirement for submitting the application.
  2. It is recommended that you go to your local Regional Transport Directorate at the driving license department that is responsible for the duplicate file or the transportation subdivision at the Cercle area near you;
    • Complete the forms you need and fill them in.
    • Attach all required documents (listed below) Attach all the required documents (listed below)
    • Send the documents for verification at the request of an agent.
  3. When the representative is satisfied all documents are correct, the application will be sent to the department of license to be registered , and later transferred directly to Caisse (check out) which is required to pay the royalties. Upon payment, you will receive acknowledgment of receipt.
  4. The file is returned to the license department and is then forwarded to the director of the visa department to be checked and then affixation to the passport.
  5. The file is later transferred to the licensing department before being sent back to the IT room for input of data. It is then checked by the person in charge of validation, and then returned back to the room for IT for a duplicate card to be drawn.
  6. The file is then forwarded directly to National Direction National Direction after having been approved by the Head of the division and approved by the Regional Director.
  7. At the office of the national government The file is registered at the national office and the conformity of its parent files is verified.
  8. If the document is in conformity If it is, the director or deputy sign the document, that document is then returned to the national directorate of transport within one month. The file is kept at the National Archives of management. Notification: If the file is not in compliance the file is rejected.
  9. The applicant or their representative must then go to at the Regional Directorate, Secretariat of the section for driving licenses and show the identity card along with the acknowledgment receipt in order for validation and issuing of the license following payment of the license fee.

Required Documents For Obtain a Duplicate Driver License

  • A request with a stamp of 200F (the price could alter).
  • A loss certificate given by the police department or the town hall, indicating your license’s number.
  • A certificate of residence is issued by Police.
  • 4 passport photos.
  • A tax stamp for 3750 FCFA payable on the spot.
  • For the categories D, D as well as E, medical fill out the form.

Office Locations and Contacts

Ministry of Equipment and TransportAddress: Dar salam — Mali
National Directorate of Transport: (+223) 20-22 40 12/20 21 64 National Directorate of Transport: (+223) 20 22 41 12/20 22 64

Mali Contacts of City/Town Halls

  • Kolongo – tomo

Address: Macina, Mal
Telephone: +223 07 25 82 05

  • Commune V Mayor

Address: Bamako, Ma

  • The Mayor of Niamakoro

Address: Bamako, Ma
Phone: +223 76850506

  • Central Hall of the common IV

Address: Bamako, Ma
Phone: +223 76141147

  • Mairie M’Pessoba

Address: RN10, Mpessoba, Mali

Police Nationale du Mali
Telephone: +223 20225786
Fax: +223 20224127
Site: Link


Registered drivers who have had their driving licence stolen/lost/worn-out/damaged


Fees to be paid

  • Charges from National Direction of 3,000 FCFA
  • ANASER 2000 FCFA royalties
  • Medical exam fees of $6,000 FCFA

Processing Time

The processing time is one month.

Requirements Information

  • Names of all applicants
  • Birth date/place of birth
  • Age/gender
  • Contact details
  • Address of residence in Mali
  • Nationality
  • Information about driving license
  • Police report

Documentation is needed

  • Driving licenses are an essential document that proves your right to drive your car. It is required for it in the event of a police investigation and it is required to carry it with your person.
  • If your driver’s license has been lost or stolen, you’ll have to get a replacement driver’s license be able to travel in Mali.

Other uses for the document/certificate

A driving licence can be used as can be used as proof of identity/nationality.

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How to Obtain a Duplicate Driver License In Mali
How to Obtain a Duplicate Driver License In Mali



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