How will I know if someone is stealing my electricity?

Perhaps you have noticed something strange on your electricity meters. Perhaps you moved to a new home and noticed that the meter is different. Maybe your landlord won’t let you see it? You could then be at risk of electric theft.

Although people may think it is clever to bypass their electricity meters and steal energy, those who don’t have any electrical knowledge or expertise could face serious consequences.

It is dangerous to play with electricity meters in order to save money. Overheating appliances and shocks can lead to burns. Exposed wires can also become hot and catch fire, which could lead to sudden fires or even explosions, putting your family and your colleagues at risk.

You can be sure that your electricity meter is not being altered by anyone. If the meter runs backwards or has loose wires, it could indicate that someone is stealing electricity.

Report any suspicions anonymously by using the Stay Energy Safe reporting number or the online form on Stay Energy Safe’s website. Stay energy safe provides information about theft. Stay Energy Safe is a dedicated service that Crimestoppers provides where you can anonymously submit a tip.

Reporting online takes just seven questions. To ensure that the issue is investigated and addressed appropriately, please provide as much detail information as possible. These details include:

* The address of the suspected theft

* The name of the suspect individuals

* Whether it’s residential or commercial

* Whether it’s electric, gas, or both

* Any additional information that may be helpful in the investigation.

You can reach us by calling 0800 023 2777 to discuss your concerns with one of our staff members. The team will ask you many questions to help get a full picture of your situation. They will then submit your report to the appropriate authorities.

It is important to report your concerns as it may help to prevent disasters. Many tragic stories have been told.



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