If I owned an electric vehicle like a Chevy Bolt, Nissan Leaf or Tesla, who pays for the electricity charges?

I have an electric car. It is plugged in every night to a charging station that I have installed in my garage. My last electric utility billing cycle (7/7/18-8/6/18) showed that my car’s charger used 320.85kWh of electricity. Duke Progress Energy charges $0.113 per kWh that I use. For the last month’s billing cycle my car used $36.25 of electric for the 1,086.2 miles it traveled. Who pays $36.25 for electricity? I pay it from my Wells Fargo bank account.

Edit: The average US Vehicle gets 24.7 MPG. If I had driven the same 1,086.2 miles in a gasoline-powered car that gets 24.7 mpg, it would have consumed 43.97 gallons. GasBuddy informs me that Regular Gasoline in my region is currently going for $2.67 per Gallon as of August 2018. My theoretical monthly expense in a typical gasoline vehicle would have been $117.39. This would have been paid from my Wells Fargo bank account.

Edit 2: I have seen many comments and responses regarding home charging for electric vehicles, which is a way to avoid Federal and State fuel tax.

Although this is true, it doesn’t change the economic advantages of electric vehicles.

If you’re looking for a closer comparison, you can always add the Federal Fuel Tax ($0.18x42gallons=$7.56) or the N.C. State fuel Tax ($0.35x42gallons=$14.70), if that is more convenient.

Electric: $32.75+$7.56+$14.70=$55-

Gas: Same distance as average vehicle’s MPG and average fuel cost in Raleigh, NC =$117.39

For those who want to suggest it’s unfair/unpatriotic to not pay Federal or State Fuel Taxes the Petroleum Industries’ successful lobbying efforts already have cost us trillions in revenue.

The United States Federal Excise Tax on Gasoline is 18.4 Cents per Gallon, and 24.4 Cents per Gallon for Diesel Fuel. The federal tax was last increased in 1993. It is not indexable to inflation. Between 1993 and 2015, it has increased by 64.6 percent.

Fuel taxes in America – Wikipedia

Edit 3: Some commenters suggested that my car wasn’t an “electric” car. They are correct that it isn’t 100% electric. The Cadillac ELR and Chevy Volt are based on a Series Hybrid, similar to the BMW i3 eREV or Fisker Karma.

Range extender (vehicle) – Wikipedia

This is different than a parallel hybrid (such a Ford’s or Toyota’s Systems), and different from most Plug-In Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) like the Prius Prime and C-Max/Fusion Energi, which are still parallel hybrids but have larger batteries to provide 20 miles of all-electric range. The C-Max Energi was a great choice. However, you had to manually select each EV and you had significantly less power when you did. In all-electric mode, 0-60 took around 16 seconds.

GM’s Voltec is an electric vehicle that will use the gasoline engine by default. It can either be driven for 20+ miles without stopping to hit city traffic or speed limits, or it can use the internal combustion engine (ICE) until the drive battery has been discharged sufficiently to start the Voltec.

It’s possible that some gasoline was used in the 1,086 mile I stated was electric. However, regardless of how much, the amount was not enough to get the gas gauge from “FULL”

Average 38-42 miles on all electric per charge. My job is just 11.5 miles from me so I rarely exceed my all-electric range, even for lunchtime errands or to go out to eat, or to get groceries on the way back.

Today was different. I needed to visit a remote office. After 42 miles of all-Electric the ICE took the rest of me (14.2 miles with.36 gallon gas).

Edit 4: States address the absence of a Gas Tax on Electric Vehicles

Minnesota Republican-backed tax for hybrid and electric vehicles would be the highest in U.S.

Electric Vehicle Owners Pay High Fees: A Consumer Reports Analysis Shows

Edit 5: A commenter reminded me that the engine can be started for maintenance purposes if the car is used long-term electric only. The most recent photo shows the result.

For maintenance, it used.07 of a gallon of gasoline.

Edit 6: I am now 100% BEV. I sold my ELR to purchase a 2021 Taycan. I drove 532 miles from Old Westbury NY to Raleigh NC (about 74 mpg) and had three charging stops in 20 minutes.



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