If you can play the acoustic guitar, can you also play the electric guitar?

To play casually: maybe.

In a professional setting No is a resounding no.

Acoustic and electric are completely different instruments. They share some similarities, and generally have the same musical theories behind the two. However, everything else is distinct. They were created to accomplish various things.

The sound is distinctive.

Their touch and feel differ.

The methods used to create each are distinct.

The possibilities are diverse.

The weights of their respective bodies is different.

The shape of the body is different. The distance and the body position.

Strings are very different.

If you’re looking to translate a few basic songs or do an impromptu rehearsal, you’ll be just fine, however, it’s not a professional playing situation.

If you’re looking to play as an experienced guitarist who is knowledgeable It is essential to learn an entire new set of skills to be able to successfully play the two instruments.

In the end , it all depends on what you want and goals.

I’ll provide you with an example of my experience I’ve been playing the electric guitar for about 16 years. I own an recording studio that is small and have played several times a month for the past 10 or so years. I record my electric guitar for the songs from my personal projects, and occasionally other bands employ me to play on their songs. In short: I do pretty well. If I require an acoustic guitar component, I prefer hiring another guitarist; one who plays an acoustic guitar. I’m not able to play an acoustic for my own life, even in a professional situation, so I should employ another person. Also, the reverse is true. Sometimes, i collaborate with an unplugged local act in recording I typically do the electrical guitar to them even if their guitarist is competent.


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