Is a hybrid car better then an electric car?

Absolutely not, from an emissions perspective.

Practically speaking, yes. It depends on your circumstances.

A hybrid car will offer more range than an all-electric vehicle at the lower price point. My recent purchase of a used Volt for $16k gave me a 30-to-40-mile electric range, and a mileage of about 350 on gasoline. The best EV I could afford was an Leaf with an 80-mile factory-rated range.

This holds true even at mid-range prices ($30k to 50k). A hybrid will give you more driving mileage than an EV with a single charge.

You can save money if you take short trips only once or twice per year.

BMW had (has?) They have a deal with those who purchase the 80-mile I3 EV: If you need a longer-range vehicle, they will loan you one (for the lifetime of your i3)? One i3 owner took advantage of this offer. The i3 costs $40k and the Bolt EV has a 240-mile range for $40k.

Take a look at where you live and what places you frequent (like your family). My in-laws are located in a rural location with no public charging within 30 miles. I am in a rural region with two public chargers within 30 minutes — both at dealerships.

My Volt is charged at home so it’s not an issue. However, my round-trip commute falls within my electric range. I don’t have an EV charger at work. Although I have requested one, money is tight. But I will need it for a side trip.

If you live in an area with easy access to electric vehicle chargers, such as a garage or carport, you will be fine using an EV. Rent a car if you are looking to go on a road trip.


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