Is an electron one, two or three dimensional?

It is considered to be either diamentionless, or zero-diamentions by most people.

According to the “classical electron radius” theory, electrons are a point particle. In other words, the electron’s structure, size and shape are negated in most calculations. Because electrons travel so fast through space (and sometimes teleport), most physicists ignore its size. The classical electron radius is. Electrons can therefore be considered three-dimensional.

A common mistake is the belief that we live in a three-dimensional universe. This includes height, width, and length. The fourth dimension is actually time. All objects move across time. This means that electrons can be viewed as one to four dimensions. It all depends on whether electrons are point particles or not.

Electrons can have a number of diamentionals, such as zero, one, three, or four. Consider them zero-diamentional for simplicity’s sake.

–Yuhan Zhang (Proud A-level physics student)


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