Is civil engineering better than electrical engineering?

This question is not one we can answer. You should pursue what you want most and in what you are most passionate about.

For example, I can’t stand electric engineering. It’s something I enjoy, even though I am good at it. Although it is fascinating, I don’t see myself being able to work in this field.

That is why I chose civil engineering. It is fascinating to imagine you creating a building together with architects and colleagues. Perhaps one day you will be able to call a building “your own”, which was always an idea that crossed my mind. Your calculations are also very interesting to me (the why’s as well as the how’s). Civil engineering doesn’t just include buildings. Bridges, tunnels etc. This type of job is very flexible and you can choose what area of expertise you wish to pursue.

Because I don’t feel passionate about electrical engineering, I can’t tell you much. So my answer is more civil engineering.

Both jobs are high-paying and it is possible to find them both. Ask around for the highest salary job in your field. Even if you don’t have a Bachelor’s degree, you can still earn more. Choose what interests you most and where you have fun. It is a commitment that you will work for your entire life. Follow your passion and interest.


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