Is civil engineering easy than electrical engineering?

The bottom line is Most people think they think that Civil Engineering is easier than Electrical Engineering however, If you’re proficient in whatever subject, you’ll think it’s more straightforward than one that you aren’t able to intuitively grasp.

Background: Anything you’re naturally skilled with will be “easier” than what you do not yet fully comprehend. For instance, I’m more adept at comprehending things that I can imagine as well as “see” within my head which is why I choose my specialization mechanical engineering over electrical engineering. I chose to take my PE test with Mechanical Engineering – Thermal Fluids (which I know intuitively since I was nuclear reactor mechanics previously) instead of taking an exam in the Civil Engineering – Traffic option that I’ve received as “easier.”

I looked in I took a look at Civil Engineering Reference Manual, and concluded that the subject of the directionality of wood grain grain and soil adhesion as well as soil particulate size, and percolation parameters was to be out of my zone. I did the Mechanical PE, and passed it in 50 hours of study.



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