Is it safe to use a computer without drivers for a short amount of time?

Safety isn’t about drivers. There are basic drivers for the most important parts of the operating system core. These include the USB keyboard, PS/2 keyboard, and storage devices if they’re SATA or IDE.

Sound? Sound? Video? Video? Mouse? USB mouse works because there are generic USB mouse drivers. The OS core also includes a driver for the PS/2 mouse/touchpad (though it only has basic functionality, right click works only from the right click button). The generic driver is not available for your screen, so you will need to install it.

You also need specific drivers for power management. Generic drivers can cause a short battery life and a faster system heat-up.

It is convenient, but not safe. Make sure that the generic drivers are available for core components, and that your OS contains the storage device driver. Otherwise it won’t boot.


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