Is there an infinite source of energy in the electron shells of an atom? If so, where does it come from? If not, how do the electrons continue to buzz around the nucleus?

You don’t need energy to move. “An object that is set in motion will continue to move until it is affected by an external force.” The force of the nucleus maintains the electron’s orbit but does not provide or take away any energy.

This is not intuitive, as friction is a constant in our “real” world. Things tend to slow down. This is because friction causes things to slow down. Newton was the genius who recognized this. Space has very little friction, while the microscopic worlds of the atom do not have similar friction. This is why physics works well in both the microscopic world and the astronomical.

If you have a problem involving friction, don’t ask a physicist, but instead, ask an engineer. Engineers are more comfortable with the subject than physicists.


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