Is there any scope in electronics and telecommunication engineering after completing a degree?

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Communication and electronics are a complicated branch that many kids love to study and think about. They will be asking themselves the question, “Is this the electronics I wanted to study?” After four years, 80% of these students end up in a software company. They leave behind whatever they’ve studied and learn java c++ or other programming languages. Many students don’t know what they want to do with their degree, so they work in call centers or take computer courses or post-graduate diplomas. The majority of students go on to mba or mtech. This is the most popular trend in the country. If you follow your passions, all these things can be fine. It is a waste to do all of these things just because you want to.

Let’s now turn our attention to the scopes for an ece graduate. These are all part of what is called a “scope”. Scope is used to describe someone who doesn’t have any specific goals or objectives and simply needs a job to live. You only have one life, live it in the way you choose. Do not do it for others. Make sure you know what is most important to you, and then plan accordingly. There are many electronics jobs for those who are skilled in coding, such as at Broadcom and Qualcomm. Ericsonn has many job opportunities for those who are skilled in RF design. You can get jobs in UTC aerospace, Safran aerospace and UTC digital design if you’re good at analog and digital designing. These are just a few examples. There are many opportunities in the private sector.

It is more difficult to get into the core jobs of the public sector. It is important to master all core engineering subjects. If you are prepared for gate and ese, it will be very easy to pass those exams. Most exams will follow the ese objectives patterns, and there are also questions from previous years. The problem is that there will be less vacancies and many people competing for the same job.

Another option is to study Mtech and become a teacher at a college. However, I do not recommend that you just take a teaching job for the paycheck. You must be passionate about teaching if you want to save the future of hundreds upon students. This is the biggest problem in many Indian engineering colleges.

Be an engineer, not an engineering graduate. You won’t have to be afraid of scopes. You will be successful. Follow your heart. All the best! God bless!


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