Is there scope for Electronics and instrumentation engineering?

My B.Tech in Electronics and Instrumentation is being pursued at an average private university. Electronics and Instrumentation are a highly industry-specific branch and will soon be a rare one.

Your answer is yes. We are blessed with future opportunities, if you plan to travel abroad to countries such as the United States, Germany and Japan. You won’t find any opportunities in your home country that are specific to Instrumentation Engineering. You don’t have to worry if your goal is to find a job in IT. If you dream of core instrumentation jobs, however, you should be aware that you may have been born in the wrong country.

Other government jobs include DRDO, Railways and other public sector jobs. These are great examples of career opportunities for Instrumentation graduates. However, these are Government jobs and it is easy to get a job in India.

You can’t enjoy any industry without having a taste for Instrumentation. Therefore, I believe you should study Instrumentation in another country, since the opportunities for Instrumentation Engineering graduates are greatly increased in developed countries. You can pursue a masters in Instrumentation Engineering at a foreign university and have a wide career path. If you’re willing to work in IT, there are many options. You will need to work hard and pray every day if you want to find Core Instrumentation companies India.

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