Labours Cost Calculator Online

Labour Cost Calculator

The Labours cost  is gross pay and net hours worked additional annual cost to labour percentage .The labours cost percentage equal to annual payroll labour cost divided total revenue. Labour cost is the sum of  all wages paid to employee.

Formula as,

Labour cost percentage=Annual payroll labour cost/Total revenue

1.)Gross pay Calculator

Gross pay is equal to pay rate multiple in Gross hours.

Formula as,

Gross pay=Pay rate*Gross hours

Lets consider,

Gross Pay rate is employee earns in over time   working hours

Gross hours is employee working hours

Gross Hours calculator

          Gross hours per week equal to Gross week multiple in 52 average number of per week.

Formula as

Gross Hours per year= Gross Hours per week*52

Let us consider

Gross Hours per week is Employee working days per week.

52 number is average number  of weeks in a years.

Example for,

Gross hours per year(45) ,52 is average number of weeks in a year

Gross hours per year = 45*52

The answer is Gross hours per year = 2340$

Example for,

Gross Pay = Pay rate*Gross hours

Pay rate(2340), Gross hours 12

Gross Pay = 2340*12

The answer is 28,080 $ per year

2.)The Net Hours Worked in a Year

The net hours worked equal to Gross hours less than Hours not worked.

Formula as,

Net Hours Worked = Gross Hours – Hours Not Worked

Let as consider,

Gross Hours is working hours

Hours Not Worked is holidays And absent  days

Hours not Worked

Hours  Not Worked Equal to Employee absent and holidays Multiple weekly hours and working days

Formula as,

Hours Not Worked = Holidays(or) absent*Working Days

Let as consider,

Holidays (or)absent (20), working days 7

Example for ,

Hours NotWorked = 20*7

The answers is Hours Not worked =140 dys

Net Hours Work= Gross Hours – Hours Not Worked

Let as considers,

Gross hours 2340$,Hours Not Worked 140 days

Example For

Net Hours Work= 2340-140

The Answer is  Net Hours Work = 2200 $

3.)Sum Additional Annual Costs

Other Annual Costs Equal to added to taxes , Insurance, Benefits ,Over time and supplies

Formula as,

Other Annual Costs = Taxes + Insurance + Benefits + Over time + Supplies

Let us consider,

Employee Expenses is Taxes,Insurance,Benefit,overtime,Supplies.

Example For,

Taxes (1000), Insurance(700), Benefits(1300), Overtime(900), Supplies(500)

Other Annual Costs = 1000+700+1300+900+500

The answer is Other Annual Cost =4400$

4)Compute Annual Payroll Labor Cost

Annual Payroll Labour Cost is finally arrive at the main labor cost. Annual Pay Roll Labor Cost equal to Gross Pay added to other annual costs .

Formula as,

Annual Payroll Labour Cost = Gross Pay+ Other Annual Costs

Lets as consider,

Gross Pay is employee earnings per hours

Other annual costs is employee expenses

Example for,

Gross Pay (28080$),Other Annual Costs(4400$)

AnnualPayroll Labour Cost = 28080$+4400$

The answer is Annual Payroll Labours Cost =32480$

5) Actual Hourly Labour Cost

Actual Hourly Labour Cost is equal to Annual Payroll Labours Cost divided to not hours worked

Formula as,

Actual Hourly Labours Cost= Annual Payroll Labours Cost/Net Hours Worked

Let us consider,

Annual Payroll Labours Cost  is finally arrive at the main labour cost.

Net Hours Worked is employee working hours.

Example for,

Annual Payroll Labours  Cost(32480$),Net Labours Worked (140 days)

Actual Hourly Labours Cost = 32480/140

The answer is Actual Hourly Labours Cost = 14.7%

6)Labours Cost Percentage

The Labours Cost Percentage equal to Annual Payroll Labours Cost divided to Total Revenue.

Let us consider,

Annual Payroll is finally arrive at the main labour cost.

Total revenue is employee ending the year eanrings Dollars

Example for

Annual Payroll Labour  Cost(32480$)

Total Revenue (70,000$)

Labour Cost Percentage  =32480$/70,000$

The answer is Labour Cost Percentage = 0.056%


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