Market Capitalization formula calculator online

Market Capitalization Calculator

Market Capitalization Formula

The Market Capitalization Equal to price of share multiple number of outstanding shares.Market capitalization calculator is a tool that helps you calculate market capitalization (market cap in short) – the total value of a company’s outstanding shares

The formula us,

Market capitalization = price of share * number of outstanding shares

let us consider,

  • Current price of a single share;
  • Number of outstanding shares of a company (the ones currently owned by the shareholders).
calculate the market capitalization

Let’s analyze an example of a company that has been on the market for a few years now. We’re aiming to determine whether it’s a large-cap, medium-cap, or a small-cap company.

  1. Find out how many outstanding shares the company has. Let’s assume it’s 20 million shares.
  2. Determine the current price of one share. We can say the company sells them at a price of 200$ per share.
  3. Multiply the number of shares by the price, according to the market capitalization formula:

20M * $200 = $400M = $4B

  1. The market capitalization is equal to $4 billion.


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