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NOPAT Calculator

Net Operating Profit After Tax Calculator

The Net Operating Profit After Tax (NOPAT) is a financial measure of profitability .The Net Operating profit After tax equal to Operating income multiple 1number of value less than tax rate.

Formula us,

NOPAT = operating income * (1 – tax rate)

let us consider,

  • The corporate tax rate is also known as the effective tax rate. It is the percentage of a company’s income it pays in taxes.

Tax Rate Formula,

tax rate = total tax / earnings before tax

  • Earnings before tax is the income statement by dividing the total tax expenses by the company’s earnings before taxes.
  • The operating income is also known as the operating profit. It measures the profits a company generates from its core business functions,

 calculate the Operating Income Formula,

  1. operating income = gross profit – operating expense


gross profit = total revenue – cost of goods sold


  1. operating income = net income + non-operating income loss – non-operating income gain + interest expense + tax

Calculate NOPAT

  1. The simple NOPAT formula

NOPAT = operating income * (1 – tax rate)

I operating income of $800,000 and a corporate tax rate of 14%.

NOPAT  = (8,00,000)*(1-0.14)

The answer is NOPAT 798,880$


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