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Present Value Calculator

Net Present Value Calculator

 The Net Present value, also called present discounted value. The Net present value is equal to Future value divided 1 numbers of value added to interest rate (%).

Formula us,


Let us consider,

  • PV = present value
  • FV = future value
  • r = interest rate

The present value for more than one period of time, you need to raise the (1+r) by the number of period.

n = number of periods.

 calculate the present value

If you read the previous paragraph you already know that to estimate present value you need to:

  1. Determine the future value. In our example let’s make it $ 200
  2. Determine a periodic rate of interest. Let’s say 7%
  3. Determine the number of periods. Let’s make it 2 years.
  4. Divide the future value by (1+rate of interest)^periods

In our example it will look like this:


200$/(1+0.07)2 = 200.14$

The answer is Present value = 200.14$

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