How to Obtain A Mining Lease In Jamaica

Obtain A Mining Lease In Jamaica By Online

  1. You can apply for a mining lease by visiting the Mines and Geology Division of the Ministry of Transport and Mining. The Mines and Geology Division can be reached via this link: Link
  2. You can either pick up the application form from the Registry of the Mines and Geology Division in Person or download it from this link: link. Or, you can download the form directly via this link link
  3. Once your application form and any relevant supporting information/documents have been completed, signed, stamped, and certified where required visit the MGD office and submit the application for verification by the MGD registry service section
  4. An official will review your application to verify accuracy. If it is correct, the official will direct to the cashier to pay any applicable fees.
  5. Pay the application fees at the cashier. Get the receipt and return to the MGD official at The Registry Service Desk.
  6. Once you confirm that you have paid the correct fees, the official will update your file and forward the application along with any recommendations to the commissioner or government agencies.
  7. The Commissioner will approve the application and the details of it will be published in your local newspaper at no cost. This publication will allow you to make comments about the application for twenty-one days.
  8. After the deadline for comments has ended and there have been no objections, the application package will be sent to the Minister responsible for Mining for review by the Permanent Secretary. Either the application is accepted or denied, and the mining lease can be granted. If the application is denied, the Minister can appeal. After processing is complete, the MGD will inform you about the outcome.
  9. Once the MGD approves your application, they will prepare and grant the mining lease. Within one week, you will need to submit a guarantee or security to the Commissioner of Mines. The MGD will provide a template for the Letter of Guarantee.

Required Documents For Mining Lease 

  • Please complete the application form
  • Prospecting Right and Licence: Provide evidence of a valid prospecting license and right
  • Evidence of Ownership or Access: Land title or original stamped lease agreement (stamped at the Stamp Office) that grants authority to access the property.
  • Locator Map drawn at 1:50,000 scale. (4 copies)
  • A location beacon must be installed at the northwest corner. It should show: Name of applicant and Lease.
  • Environmental Permit: Approved by the National Environment and Planning Agency, (NEPA).
  • Certificate of incorporation for company
  • Articles of incorporation – If the applicant is a business.
  • Financial Statement – A statement of the applicant’s financial situation.
  • Sketch Plan: This sketch plan outlines the operations planned and finances.
  • You must provide proof of payment

Find Office Locations and Contacts

Mines and Geology DivisionAddress : Hope Gardens p.o. box 141 Hope Gardens Kingston 6, Jamaica, W.I.
phone: (876) 927-1936-40
Fax: (876) 977-1204
Website: Link
Contact details: Link

Ministry of Transport and Mining
Address: 138H Maxfield Avenue Kingston 10.
Tel. 754-1900-1, 754-2590-3
Web: Link


  • The mining lease is available to individuals and companies who wish to mine in Jamaica


  • Mining Lease Fee or Special Mining Lease Fee: JMD1,200 per metric square (or part thereof).


  • A Mining Lease is valid only for a period of 25 years

Useful Documents

Application form: Link

Processing Time

  • Within three months, the application will be processed


  • Only a specific mineral is eligible for a mining lease. The Minister can, at his discretion, endorse the lease to include other minerals. Any mineral discovered by the holder of a mining license must be immediately reported to the Commissioner.
  • A Mining Lease applicant may be granted Temporary Permission To Mine (TPM), at the Minister’s discretion, for a one-year period. If the application is incomplete or mining is not planned for the next six months, a TPM will be granted. TPM fees are JMD10,000.00. They can be renewed annually for the same amount.

Requirements Information

  • Names
  • Nationality
  • Address
  • Number of prospecting rights or licenses
  • Location details
  • Type of mineral
  • Financial details
  • Technical details

You will need the document

Before you can legally mine a mineral in Jamaica, you must get a mining lease.

External Links

Government of Jamaica: link



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