Should I buy a bicycle or an electric scooter?

Before you decide between an electric bike or a scooter, there are some things to consider:

  1. What speed and how far would you like to travel?
  2. Do you have simple rules in your country? EU has 250 watts and 15 mph, while the USA has 750 Watts.
  3. Are you able to pay taxes and register it? Are you willing to pay taxes and get a valid license for ebikes?
  4. Scooters can be heavier than bikes, and are much more heavy than bikes.
  5. Are you looking to transport groceries on your scooter? You might need to buy a trailer if you plan on carrying groceries.
  6. Are you willing to pedal?
  7. While electric bikes can be equipped with pedal assist or throttle, scooters are throttle-only.
  8. Are you adamant about efficiency? Electric bikes are cleaner and more environmentally friendly than electric scooters.
  9. Are you a resident of an apartment? Is it safe for you to leave your scooter at home? With minimal effort, you can take your bike to your apartment.
  10. Is it possible to charge your electric scooter at work? Can you charge your electric scooter at work with the removable battery?
  11. Are you worried about range anxiety? Even if your battery runs out, you can still pedal your scooter. Good luck with a scooter
  12. Is your house close to the office? Is it feasible to cycle to work every day?
  13. What is the climate like where you live? Is it often raining? Is it often snowy? Are there bike paths for the disabled? Are people aware of bikers?



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