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How to Add Blogger to Google Search?

Out of 2billon website with the 200 billon webpages, your new born website also to be identified for your user. Google is the largest search engine in the world. It is a First and best traffic source for many websites. To add blogger to google search, follow the below steps.

  1. First, create an account with google or of you have a google account, then go to => Click on start Now, In case of you have search console account means, then add a new property and follow the steps2.

  3. Here, you need to verify your website ownership. If you have created a blogger in the same google account where you have created a search console account means, you do not see/need to verify your website ownership. Google automatically verify it. In case, your blogger account and search console account is different, the you need to verify it.


  5. Enter your domain/ Blogspot URL in the right side box. Click on submit.

  7. Then you see, a 5 ways such as HTML upload, HTML tag, Google Analytics, google tag manager and domain TXT verification to verify the blogger.


  9. In above chose HTML tag method, It is simple and easy.

  11. Then copy the HTML tag code and paste in the Header which means below head tag “<head>”. Also make sure that, the code is always present in your website.


  13. After completion of come to search dashboard and click on submit, Now your blogspot is verified successfully.

After verifying the ownership, you have to submit the blogger sitemap to increase the google search of your site. It is compulsory process.

What is Sitemap:

Sitemap is nothing but a list of your website pages in XML or HTML Format. It is introduced by Google. Sitemap ensures better search engine crawling rate and improve a website SEO Rankings.

How to Generate Google XML Sitemap for Blogger Blogspot website?


  • Copy your website URL and paste it in the first URL Box

  • Step:2

  • Then Put total number of post in the second box. Press Submit button; Now You get List of atom blogger sitemap according to the post count entered.

  • Step:3

  • Now Go to Google search console; Login to the search console dash board.

  • Step:4

  • Go to sitemap which is in left side menu. Submit the blogger sitemap which you have generated by using our google blogger sitemap generator. Also ensure that, you have entered all the sitemaps which is generated from our blogger sitemap generator. Refer below mentioned sitemap picture


    Why XML sitemap is preferable for blogspot website:

    Our suggestion is to use XML sitemap, since google recommends you to submit a blogspot sitemap as xml feed only. Here, Atom feed contains larger data as compared with xml sitemap. But XML sitemaps are dynamic.

    It means the site content will be crwaled automatically by the search engine. You do not require to add the feed for each 150 posts

    Here a simple example:


    In the above picture while submitting the sitemap in XML format means, the total URL discovered is 1601; at the same time we have given the atom xml sitemap means, the total number of URL discoved is 151. also for each 150 post we need to create new sitemap.

    The good thing is our generator is recommending XML sitemap only.


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