Telangana Electricity Bill Calculator & 1 Unit Price in Telangana

Telangana Electricity Bill Calculator:

Enter the unit consumed as per Telangana state energy meter at the first box. If you do know the reading, then choose the reading option. Then Press the calculate button to get the electricity bill, duty charges, fixed charges, total electricity bill as per Telangana state latest tariff.
Choose the type of supply either single phase or three phase.

Choose Reading or unit:  
Select Supply 1 phase3 phase  
Total Unit Consumption As per TSERC: kWh
Enter Month: Month
Energy Charges: INR
Fixed Charges Amount: INR
Tax: INR
Electricity Duty: INR
Meter rent: INR
Result – Total Bill Amount: INR


Per unit Rate in Telangana:

Teleangana Domestic Consumer LT Per unit
Scheme Unit Per unit(₹) Minimum Charges
A 0-50 1.45 25
51-100 2.6 30
B 0-100 3.3 25
101-200 4.3 50
C 0 -200 5 50
201-300 7.2 60
301-400 8.5 80
401-800 9 80
>800 9.5 80
Three phase All same as 1ph 150


Look at that table, by average all the consumer shall pay ₹ 5.65 for the one unit.


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