UPPCL Bill Calculator & Per Unit Rate UPPCL

UPPCL Bill Calculator:

Enter the power consumption as per UPPCL – Utter Pradesh Electricity Board or if you do not know then press the reading option. There you can enter the Meter initial reading and final reading. UPPCL – Utter Pradesh Bill calculator works based on domestic Tariff Per Month basis.

Choose the Unit:  
Total Unit Consumption: kWh
Total Energy Charges: INR
Fixed Charges Amount: INR
Electricity Tax Amount: INR
Total Bill Amount: INR

Per Unit Rate UPPCL – Utter Pradesh:

Per Unit Rate UPPCL
LT Unit Per unit(₹) Fixed Charge
1-100 3 50
0-150 5.5 110
151-300 6 110
301-500 6.5 110
>500 7 110


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