What advice would you give to an electrical and electronics student that you wish you were given when you started your course?

  1. You can improve your math and physics skills
  2. Learn how to read datasheets
  3. Learn how to learn, unlearn, and relearn.
  4. You can learn how to design circuit boards with some great software. Then, have them made and tested. (No circuit study is complete until you have actually implemented it on the circuitboard.
  5. Purchase a DMM or soldering iron and use them
  6. Learn more about C
  7. Start using Linux, IRC and get involved in hardware opensource projects like http://fabathome.org, http://gnuradio.org etc…
  8. You can make your own resistor, capacitor, antenna, or other electrical components with paper clips, newspaper, and other locally available materials
  9. Learn how to hacker (read about Nikola Tesla).


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