What all must I know as an electrical engineering student?

The knowledge of these topics/courses is required from the first year.

1) Basic of Vectors2) Solution to first and second order differential equations
3) Partial differential equation
4) Calculus
5) Vector calculus
6) Laplace transforms
7) Fourier series, transforms
8) Z transformations
9) C and C++ programming
10) Electromagnetic theory

Later, in the course of your studies, you can focus on –
1) Programming with Python
2) Programming in MATLAB
3) Principles and operation of electrical machinery (DC, AC – 1ph, 3ph, Transformers).
4) Transmission and distribution
5) Control systems
6) Network analysis
7) Logic design
8) Analog electronic circuits
9) Op-amps

You can move on to more advanced topics if you have mastered the topics. It is easy to understand because it is application-based. They can be –

1) Microcontrollers
2) Signals and Systems
3) Modern control theory
4) Linear integrated Circuits
5) Digital signal processing
6) High-voltage engineering

Core electrical knowledge is essential if you are to be successful in the field.

1) Power electronics
2) Electric machinery
3) PLC
4) Control systems
5) Network analysis

These are some tips to boost your resume.
1) MATLAB programming
2) PYTHON programming
3) Embedded Systems ( Robotics
4) Fuzzy logic


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