What are career options in construction domain after graduation in electrical engineering?

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I am an ECE third year student. How do I get to know the ECE job market?

Here is a copy of the answer, with a few changes.

Here are some job opportunities available for ECE students. These may not be all areas. If you find an error in the post or need clarifications, please leave a comment. I will consider your suggestions and amend the post. I expect more suggestions from industry experts.

When I ask an ECE student why he chose ECE, I often get the same response: “I can go into Core job or IT job”. Only after I began to talk with them, did I realize that many ECE students didn’t fully understand the IT job market and Core job. I am an industry professional with over 28 years of experience in the Electronics field in India and abroad. I visited over 100 engineering colleges and had contact with more then 10000 ECE students. This is what I have used to determine the ECE student job marker. This only covers the Electronics field, not the Communication field.

Instead of splitting the market into Core and IT, I’ve divided it into Development and Support. Long ago, Core and IT fields were combined.

Support jobs generally get better salaries than development jobs. Many engineering colleges do not offer engineering courses and focus only on CGPA. The development jobs must train employees. The employees will not be productive during training, so the salaries for development jobs are lower.

Support jobs don’t require technical knowledge and they can be very productive for the company. They are therefore paid more. However, the development jobs are more lucrative than support jobs in the long-term. Also, the employees don’t see much growth in their support jobs.

But some time we hear that the development jobs are paying very well. These are few exceptions. What trick they did to get better salary in development job. The trick is very simple. These people started to enhance their knowledge and upgrade their skill during their college days itself. Learning anything during college days is very easy and interesting. The peer support will be excellent.

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