What are different fields in electrical engineering?

There are many sub-domains or majors that can be broadly divided into

Electronic Engineer – This is a specialist in electronic circuits like resistors, capacitors and inductors, transistors, diodes, and transistors.

Microelectronics Engineer
Deals with the design and micro-fabrication tiny electronic circuit components

Signal Processing Engineer
– Deals with signals such as digital or analog signals

Power Engineer
– This section deals with electricity and the design of related electrical devices, such as motors, generators, and power electronics.

Control Engineer
This is the area that deals with designing controllers that cause systems behave in a particular way. It uses micro-controllers as well as programmable logic controllers and digital signal processors.

Drive Engineer

This includes the design, simulation, testing and research & development of Electric Drives.

Telecommunications Engineer
– Deals with the transmission of information via a optical fiber or cable

Instrumentation Engineer
This is the study of designing measuring devices that measure pressure, flow, and temperature. This requires a profound understanding of physics.



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