What are signs that electrical work was done by an amateur?

I am aware that Quora doesn’t like visual answers. However, I must give some examples from my “Electrical Idiocy” files to answer this question. We are here: (By popular request, I have added captions.

These are not fuses. These are brass tubing that replaces fuses. >1000A in a 30A switch

No, you do not hot-tap a #14 gauge wire off the line side of a breaker by screwing it into the lead. Just no.

A variation on the above. Again, just no.

That’s an outdoor weathertight outlet box with cover. Installed upside down so the rain can fill it like a fishbowl.

Hose clamps. HOSE CLAMPS.

Hopefully no caption necessary.

Ingenious. Wrong, but ingenious.

It’s easy to see why stuff like this is so popular.


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