What are some good career objectives to write in a resume of an electronics and communication engineer (fresher)?

Your comments regarding objectives should be kept to a minimum. You can simply say, “Seeking position as [job title]”. Skip the pre-Y2K blather about seeking a job with a progressive company that will allow me to develop my skills and make a difference. You won’t get any attention and will probably generate eye-rolls, sighs, and a general lack of enthusiasm for your resume and yourself.

This is because employers are interested in your accomplishments and skills. What are you able to do? And what examples can you provide to back up your claims? They will be more interested in what your can offer than what you have.

Take this as an example: When you apply for an advertised position, isn’t it obvious what your goal is? You want the job!

You should prepare to answer the most common interview question: “Where do you see your self in five years?” This is the time and place to discuss your career goals, not your resume.

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