What are some good power electronics projects to work on?

It all depends on your level of interest and the difficulty you are looking for.

Remember, the harder it is, the more you will learn!

For your answer, let me say that there are some moderately good projects in power electronics.

  • Closed loop DC/DC Boost Converter
  • Selective Harmonic Elimination in Iverters

These two were chosen because they have the necessary knowledge to be a designer.

1. You must choose the appropriate input and output capacitors in a DC DC converters. This is not just about the ratings. It’s also important to consider the storage capacity and ESR.

You will also need to be familiar with the following: Power circuit design requires knowledge of network analysis, Control Theory, Magnetics, and Electrical Design.

This combination of subjects is really great. It not only enhances your knowledge of design theory but also helps you to understand the practical aspects of it.

2. The second is SHE (Selective harmonic elimination) in inverters. After completing some basic projects, you can start to develop sophisticated control strategies for your power electronic converters. For example, Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation is used for switch firing.

I’ve seen projects that were based on SVPWM. This reduces THD by up to 7% when used in 2 level inverters.
It’s amazing! !

These moderate projects are possible if you wish.

These aren’t too difficult, you can move on to more advanced projects such as Power Electronic Drives for different machines.

  • There are many projects that deal with AC motors and DC drives!

VVVFD is Constant Current Control in the Rotor of Induction Motors, Synchronous Motor Drives, etc.

  • There are also projects related to Power System such as Reactive Power Compensation Devices (FACTS Devices), Active Rectifiers For HVDC Systems, and others.

These projects are extremely difficult and require not only good design skills but also advanced knowledge of mathematics and Advance Control Systems.

All the best!

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