What are some ideas for doing final year projects in the EE branch?

Ideas for Final Year EEE Projects. Many people have been searching the internet for this type of post for many days. We have listed projects from different areas such as embedded, electrical and robotics, communication and solar, among others. These eee projects will be of greater benefit to many engineering students completing their B.Tech.

  1. Propeller display Time/Message
  2. Vehicle tracking by GPS – GSM
  3. Street lights can be controlled by auto intensity
  4. Design of DC Motor Speed Control Unit
  5. To ensure no break power, the Auto Power Supply Control System is made from four different sources (Solar, Mains and Generator).
  6. Thyristor Power Control y IR Remote
  7. Thyristor Controlled Motor Power
  8. ZVS-Based Lamp Life Extension
  9. ZVS Three-Phase Solid State Relay
  10. Industrial Power Control with Integral Cycle Switching, without Generating Harmonics
  11. Thyristor Firing Angel Controller Based Industrial Battery Charger
  12. Extremely Fast Electronic Circuit Breaker
  13. Design of Sensing Soil Moisture Content by Auto Irrigation System
  14. Automatic Star Delta Starter For Induction Motors Using Relays and Adjustable E Timer
  15. Remote Control Device Induction motor with bidirectional rotation
  16. Precise Digital Temperature Control
  17. Computer-Based Electrical Load Control
  18. Line following Robotic Vehicle
  19. TV Remote Control Domestic Appliances
  20. Password-Based Circuit Breaker
  21. Utility Department Programmable LoadShedding Time Management
  22. Ultrasonic Object Detection
  23. Automatic Street Light that Works Based on Vehicle Movement
  24. Wireless Information Conversion from Tempered Energy Meter to Concerned Authority
  25. Thyristors used Cyclo Converter
  26. Programmable Electrical Load Survey Meter
  27. By using APFC Units, you can reduce industrial power consumption penalties
  28. Detecting Power Grid Synchronization Problems based on Voltage or Sensing Frequency beyond Acceptable Range
  29. Auto-Intensity Controlled Solar LED Street Lamp
  30. SCADA Remote Plant System
  31. Motion Sensed Automatic Door Opener System
  32. Load Control System DTMF Based
  33. Synchronized Traffic Signs
  34. Soft Catching Pick N’ Place Gripper
  35. Robotic Vehicle to Fight Fire
  36. Night Vision Wireless War Field Spying Robot
  37. Closed Loop Control to Allow a Brushless DC Motor To Run at the Exactly Entered Speed
  38. GSM protocol Integrated Energy Management System
  39. Protection System for Induction Motors
  40. Garage Door Opener Controlled by DTMF Cell Phone
  41. Underground Cable Fault Distance Locator
  42. Three-phase Fault Analysis and Auto Start of a Single Phase Motor on Temporary Fault or Permanent Trip
  43. High Voltage DC up to 2kv AC using Diode, Capacitors and Voltage Multiplier Circuit
  44. Non-Contact Tachometer
  45. RFID-based attendance system
  46. Line Following Robotic Vehicle using Microcontroller
  47. Automated Phase Sequence Selector System
  48. Wireless power transfer
  49. Test of the Electrical Loads Lifecycle by Down Counter
  50. Energy Meter Reading and Load Control using GSM


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